Myrna Litt’s New Years Eve Photo Report

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Happy New Year everyone! The first of today’s three photo reports is from Myrna Litt on New Years Eve:

New Years Eve guide-map.

And a New Year 2009 button that Cast Members wore.

For Myrna, the day started out very early. At 7:30am in fact!

Waiting for the rope to drop.

The rope dropped, & we can see some What Will You Celebrate? lighting towers for the New Years Eve festivities that night.

Myrna & her husband in front of the Main Street stage set up for New Years Eve.

The stage for the dance party over at Small World Mall.

The middle toy soldier still appears to be missing.

The line for Small World went all the way down into the extended queue area.

A new 2009 pin book.

Some new Celebrate Everyday! shirts.

As well as some new, very cool I might add, Frontierland shirts.

People were already marking their spots for the parade, fireworks, & countdown central at noon!

The Jump, Jive, Boogie Swing Party was held at Carnation Plaza Gardens.

A sign that usually isn’t up for the Jump, Jive, Boogie Swing Party.

And so nighttime falls, & the fun really begins!

A very green looking Castle.

The backside of “Countdown Central”.

Now over to Small World Mall’s Dance Party.

You certainly can see the fog here that later ruined the fireworks show, as you couldn’t see most of the fireworks launched from far away.

The park was full of partying people like these young ladies.

Fireworks you can see!

Every night must have it’s end, which for Myrna was 2am when the park closed!

The Main Street Christmas tree up close, with the LED lighting.

And we close this photo report with the new What Will You Celebrate? banners in the Esplanade.