Robert Ashburn’s 1/23/09 WDW Photo Update

Robert Ashburn of Figment’s Media and FTN has provided us with another fantastic photo report, this time from the Magic Kingdom area with a full report on the park’s latest parade and some other smaller happenings. Let’s take a look:

We’ll start this report with photos from the debut performance of the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade at the Magic Kingdom. Since the pre-parade vehicle is now in the actual parade, a high school band acted in it’s place

Disney was filming the first performance for some promotional footage

The parade banner leads along with what was the pre-parade Grand Marshal vehicle

There is also a woman twirling a banner for some reason

It still carries the parade Grand Marshals, they are just in the actual parade now

The vehicle has been decorated to match the parade

Some fake Mickey balloons are attached to the back of the vehicle

The first of many dancing performer groups follows the vehicle

The Mickey float from Share a Dream Come True and Disney Dreams Come True returns in a new form for this parade

Notice Mickey and Minnie have similar outfits to the dancers

This float is easily the highlight of the updated parade

Another dancer group follows the float

The Pinocchio float returns in the same form

However, the other Dwarves have left Dopey alone and Snow White’s Prince has joined the cast

Didn’t these dancers pass already?

Winnie the Pooh now has a Mickey balloon. Funny, I don’t remember that from any Pooh cartoon…

Bert has joined Mary Poppins on the back of the “A Thousand Dreams to See” unit

More dancers follow that float

All of the female performers have a very “stylish” wig

The villains unit went through little change

The driver is no longer a pirate however

Alright, something isn’t right now

This parade actually makes a two-and-a-half minute show stop

This feels like a cheap attempt to copy the successful Block Party Bash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The female performers dance through the stop, while male performers spin flags. The Disney characters simply stand in place and wave their arms from left to right….

Wendy has moved over to make room for Alice and the Mad Hatter. All of the float characters actually have a speaking part.

I can’t say I’m happy with the identical-looking dance groups between floats, it seems really strange

The Princess float is still the same

I think this is the last group we have to see in this report… hopefully

The castle float is still sporting that banner we showed you a few weeks ago, but also much more

Some clouds and Mickey balloons have been added to the float. The characters on this float are now wearing some new costumes to match the theme.

This purple banner signifies the end of what may be the strangest Magic Kingdom parade of all-time

Getting away from the ugliest part of this celebration, “Celebrate Today!” banners have popped up across property

This is a pretty cool way to make sure people go in the right line

A welcome sign updated for the new promotion

Construction walls still stand in front of the Magic Kingdom entrance

More banners for “Celebrate Today!”

The plaque that gets covered every time a new celebration banner goes up

They have repurposed a cart from the Family Fun Day PArade to give out “Celebration” buttons. If there were budget cuts coming, I doubt we would see something like this.

“Should we wait in line to see the Laugh Floor?”

The Galaxy Palace Theater is now history

However, Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration is coming to life

These Tomorrowland restrooms still closed for refurbishment

Bay Lake Tower looms over Tomorrowland. I think it fits the skyline pretty well

More Stitch construction

More Galaxy Palace Theater demolition

The Birthday Fastpass machine for Stitch’s Great Escape, the only fastpass machine this attraction may use for quite some time

The toy guns is the Magic Kingdom now actually look a lot more realistic

Which has necessitated this new sticker

Pecos Bill Cafe is closed for refurbishment through February 20th

El Pirata y el Perico Restaurante is open during this time

Golden Oak Outpost is now open

It has a nice long line too

The seating area full of people

The well-themed bench outside the seating area

The Golden Oak Outpost menu

It appears the Rose garden is being used as party space during the “Celebrate Today!” promotion

Moving over to Disney Contemporary Resort, Concourse Sundries and Spirits is closed to become the Fantasia Market

Work on the Bay Lake Tower continues. Here you can see the Top of the World lounge.

The entrance is taking shape

As is the bridge to connect the tower to the main building

As scaffolding disappears, we can make out the fine details on this beautiful building


Back inside, the Contempo Cafe has added a large sign over its entrance


In addition, the new Outer Rim bar is open


It appears the area will have three signs overhead to seperate the Outer Rim, Chef Mickey’s, and the Contempo Cafe


The Outer rim is well furnished and looks like a relaxing place to spend the evening (if you can handle the noise from the rest of the Grand Canyon Concourse)





The poles that hold up the signs are engraved to tell guests what they can find in each area


The drink represents the Outer Rim bar, while the knife and the fork represent Chef Mickey’s and Contempo Cafe

We end this report with a banner at the Transportation and Ticket Center. A special thank to Robert Ashburn for this great report!!!

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