Supersonic Celebration Comes to Life

As we draw closer to it’s debut next month, more details on the new “Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration” show in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. Here is what can be found on

Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration is a musical Tomorrowland street party celebrating “Galaxy Day” and features a live video version of Stitch interacting with Guests and a high-energy dance troupe. Come join the fun!


My apologies for the very small concept art image, but it is all that is available at this time. This blurb confirms the rumor we reported a few weeks ago that the Stitch character will be part of the Living Character Initiative program and will have an interactive character on a screen talking to guests very much like the Stitch Live! attraction at the Walt Disney Studios Paris park. The fact that the official description calls this a “live video version” of Stitch is a bit disturbing from a company that has always been about creating solid stories and illusions, considering that is not in the descriptions for the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor or Turtle Talk with Crush.

Be sure to stay tuned to WDW News Today as more details on “Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration” and other new offerings for “Celebrate Everyday!” become available.