The Haunted Mansion Just Got Scarier

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Both Haunted Mansion Holiday & It’s a Small World Holiday close tomorrow to have their respective holiday overlays removed. In honor of this, I felt it right to post this little bit of interesting Haunted Mansion Holiday related news:

Quirky filmmaker Tim Burton gets a first glimpse of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction, which is based on his 1993 film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’

Burton was accompanied by his partner — actress Helena Bonham Carter — for his first look at the mansion, which undergoes a Christmas makeover each year at the Anaheim, CA theme park.

I find it really shocking that Tim Burton has not once been on the attraction since the holiday overlay started in 2001. Shows that he cares about his creations, huh?

Both attractions will re-open in their original forms (well sort of for It’s a Small World) on February 15th. There may be some small changes/additions to The Haunted Mansion, & of course It’s a Small World will see a ton of changes! But I’m sure you already know about those…