Happy 1 Year Anniversary Disneyland News Today!

Well, we made it…

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Disneyland News Today! It certainly has been an achievement for everyone involved, with quite a lot of turmoil on the path to a year, but as I said, we made it. It has been a great year for me personally with this website. It’s given me a great sense of achievement in having done something that brings information like this to a bigger audience than I’ve ever had. I’d like to personally thank Tom Corless, the owner of the WDWNT Network, for bringing up the idea of Disneyland News Today with me, and sticking with it this past year. I’d also like to thank the people who have helped out DLNT in some way or another this past year, including Chuck Canzoneri, Lee Scott, Kenny Siegel, Jose Castillo, Chris Lastrapes, James Kemp, Myrna Litt, and many more (you know who you are). The final people I want to thank are you, the listeners and readers of this site, for with-out you guys, Disneyland News Today wouldn’t have the drive to exist!

At the time of writing this post I am deep into editing our big 50th episode of the Disneyland News Today Podcast, featuring special editions of all of your favorite segments, a new inductee into the WDWNT Hall of Fame, the return of a classic DLNT segment, and a big Year in Review discussion. Expect this to be released later today.

We hope you had fun during DLNT’s first year of operation, and will continue to enjoy many years to come! 

Thanks again everyone,
Luke Manning

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