Myrna Litt’s 2/1/09 Photo Report

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Our very own Myrna Litt was at the Disneyland Resort on Super Bowl Sunday and checks in with us on the latest happenings around the Resort:

New “Celebrate Today!” decorations at the security tents.

The line for the 2nd Piece of Disney History pin release. According to Myrna, the line was about an 1hr and 20 minutes! That long, for a pin!

The new “What Will You Celebrate?” Mickey Floral.

The area surrounding where the parade exits and enters Main Street is currently being repaved.

The Horse-Drawn Streetcar track-switch at Town Square is also being repaved.

Also being repaved is this little section mid-way up Main Street.

New “What Will You Celebrate?” lamp-post decorations. Each of these are themed to the different members of the Fab 5.

The Piece of Disney History pin release line wrapping around the old PeopleMover station.

The line actually used the old Rocket Rods queue bellow Tomorrowland!

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will open here on April 4th.

Celebration Round-up and Barbecue at Big Thunder Ranch opens April 2nd.

Construction on Celebration Roundup and Barbecue.

Wishing Star Magic Crystals is now closed.

The curbs here are being made wheelchair accessible.

The Plaza Pavilion is now being used as an Annual Passport Redemption Center.

Pin trading at the Plaza Pavilion.

More of the “What Will You Celebrate?” lamp-post decorations.

The Plaza Inn is getting a fresh coat of paint.

These facades on the Emporium are out from behind tarps with a great new fresh coat of paint.

Over at DCA… Work on moving the restrooms over to this side of the San Francisco street buildings has begun.

The World of Color viewing area construction walls have had these images added.

As of Sunday, Mickey’s right ear was completely gone (except for the outline). Reports are saying that the left ear is also now completely gone.

The concrete around the base of the Orange Stinger has been removed.

Work is increasing on the Games of the Boardwalk.

Ever increasing painting of Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

A couple of the posters on the Mickey’s Fun Wheel construction walls.

A wide look at the World of Color viewing area construction walls.

I like that the logo uses Walt Disney’s actual handwriting for Disney’s.

“Celebrate Today!” banners up and down the DCA Performance Corridor.

Concina Cucamonga is moving into the old location of the Lucky Fortune Cookery, which is due to open June 13th. The original Concina Cucamonga is remaining open at the moment however.

“Celebrate Today!” merchandise in Greetings From California.

If you’re Spanish, you can “!Celebra Hoy!”

We’ll end off this photo report quickly at Disneyland Park with the awesome new night-time lighting for It’s a Small World.