The World is a Carousel of Color

Honor over at Blue Sky Disney has posted some new information on the upcoming World of Color show at Disney’s California Advenutre. Among the things he’s mentioned include the pretty obvious opening of the show being very colorful opening just like the opening to the original Wonderful World of Color TV show. The show surprisingly will be themed to emotions, such as love, anger, happiness, sadness, etc. An example he gave is that you will see Simba watching his father die. Sounds like some very powerful and emotional stuff. The highlight of the show sounds to be the giant Chernabog figure that will rise from the lagoon presumably for the “fear segment”. Finally, the only bad thing about the show will be that the Silly Symphony Swings, California Screamin’, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and the Golden Zephyr will all close early due to the show, which will truly make World of Color a great end to your day at Disney’s California Adventure!

Stay tuned to Disneyland News Today for more information as we get closer to the debut of World of Color.