DLR Photo Report – 3/27/09 :: Featuring Video of Celebrate! A Street Party

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I was at the Disneyland Resort yesterday to attend the second ever showing of the “Celebrate! A Street Party” parade, as well as to check out some other happenings around the Disneyland Resort. Let’s get to my photos:

You now can “Celebrate Today!” at the Disneyland Resort, as opposed to the place Where Dreams Come True.

They now list the parking price on the screens too.

A view over to Disneyland from Mickey & Friends.

The “Celebrate Today!” themed parking entrance signs.

A sign for D23 in the Downtown Disney entrance to the Grand Californian.

Construction is progressing on the new San Francisco Street restrooms.

The Gourmet Coffee stand has been moved over by Golden Dreams.

Hopefully you notice something different in this photo.

Lots of construction going on at the lagoon.

The Paradise Pier sign has been added, and the old Mickey face is being painted white in preparation for the new sunburst.

From my 10/26 photo report, here’s a look at what the sunburst and the Paradise Pier boardwalk will look like.

King Triton’s Carousel is now closed for refurbishment.

I got a lot of shots of the Paradise Pier sign.

New details have been added to the Games of the Boardwalk facades.

As a little bonus to this photo report, I thought now would be a good time to post the first picture to hit the internet of one of the Mickey’s Fun Wheel gondolas.

While King Triton’s Carousel is closed, the restrooms behind it remain open.

Construction on the new home for Cocina Cucamonga.

The Pacific Wharf Bridge is due to re-open on April 3rd.

Now we begin our look at the new “Celebrate! A Street Party” parade.

For your enjoyment, here is a video (courtesy of our WDWNTube Disney Parks Video Site) of “Celebrate! A Street Party”.

Mickey shaped confetti left on the ground after the Main Street performance of the parade.

The street party begin it’s second performance at the Hub.

Confetti in the trees after the 3:30 performance, which was the first ever performance of this parade.

Although it’s a bit blury, the guy on the right is Denny Newell, the show producer for the new parade.

The parade is on its way.

Each main float features inflatable members of the Fab 5, excluding Pluto.

The female performers in the parade have very risque costumes.

Sorry ahead of time for the blurriness of some of these photos. This was a very hard parade to capture photo-wise, as the performers are constantly moving.

The base of the balloon floats.

These floats carry some characters and the DJs.

The parade’s logo.

The Mickey balloon.

Stitch, Chip and Dale, and Mickey and Minnie.



The Minnie balloon.


Woody and Jessie, and Peter Pan and Wendy.

This lovely performer with Winnie the Pooh.

Do you wanna dance?

Swing, baby.

This box contains some of the props the performers use during the parade.

Here they took the creative decision for the male performers to put on a jacket, and the females to wear a hat. Hmm…

Donald and Daisy.

Minnie’s new costume is nice, but Mickey’s is horrendous!

An interesting decision is that the stilt walkers actually come up the parade route and into the parade itself about half way through it.

The performers then grab kids to come and be a part of the “fun”.

Yo there all you rad dudes!

The performers then form a conga line with guests.

And then in similar fashion to the stilt walkers, people riding big bicycles come up the parade route and into the party.

A closer look at the bikes. This was pretty much the only time they weren’t in motion.

Various characters then get into the backs of these bikes, and they ride up and down where the parade is performing. This is part of the finale, which is definitely the coolest part of the whole show.

Performers then break out fake guitars and rock to the tune of “Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray, an odd, but good choice of music.

Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube men! Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube men! Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube men!

The obligatory confetti.

There are quite a few rare characters in this parade. First Clarabelle Cow, and now Clarice the Chipmunk!

The parade is packing up and heading out.

What awesome costumes!

The Goofy balloon. These really are freaky.

I overheard 2 Cast Members asking each other what they think about “Celebrate! A Street Party”, and they summed it up pretty well. It’s nice, but at least we’ll get a real parade next year.

One of LA’s local radio stations was broadcasting from outside It’s a Small World yesterday.

It had a nice set-up.

Both sides of the Matterhorn are now open. Although it looked like they didn’t close it down for Remember Dreams Come True. Maybe I was too early?

These ODV carts in Fantasyland were missing for a while, but they’re back now.

The re-paving of Big Thunder Trail has moved over to the other side of the path.

Big Thunder Ranch re-opens on April 2nd with the new Celebration Round-up and Barbecue restaurant.

In this video you can here Jessie from Toy Story 2 behind construction walls testing for a possible new Big Thunder Ranch show.

Gomer being tormented by Winnie the Pooh inside Pooh Corner.

A new fridge for soft drinks inside Pooh Corner. A great idea in my opinion.

The restrooms at the Hungry Bear still go by their original Country Bear names of Gomer’s and Teddi Bara’s.

This video shows the new transition into the Fantasyland/Critter Country/Toontown section of Remember Dreams Come True, as of course the Frontierland section has been cut.

A nightime view over the exit and entrance to the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure.

Yesterday was the first time I had to park on Minnie.

Well that’ll do it for this photo report. Be sure to stay tuned to our Image Galleries for bigger versions of these and other photos.