Robert Ashburn’s 3/19/09 Epcot Report

Our good friend Robert Ashburn of has provided us with many pictures from his trip to Epcot during the first day of the 2009 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Let’s take a look at many of them:

The “Cinderellabration” topiary welcomes guests near the entrance. It is certainly better than the former show of the same name

This year’s festival is themed to Celebrations, much like the entire resort. It is also presented by Disney Nature and the film “Earth”

The strange flower towers have returned this year in the Leave a Legacy area.

Belle and the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from “Sleeping Beauty”

The seven dwarfs seem impressed by the monorail

A prince-less Snow White

Grumpy, Happy, and Doc

Cinderella’s Coach and some pumpkins are a farewell to leaving guests

Another flower tower outside my favorite store, the Art of Disney

Hard to believe there is not a Sopranos topiary…

The ballerina ostriches (including Madame Upanova) behind Spaceship Earth

Hop-Lo and some of his other mushroom friends outside Innoventions

One of the former Kim Possible Kidcot locations is now a recruitment center for the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Electric Umbrella is closed for a kitchen renovation

The menu board is back with the updated menu that debuted in February

Class of 2009 ear hat

only $15.95

Vinylmation urban series 1 doesn’t seem to be selling as well as the previous series

A small activity zone for children by the Pixie Hollow flower and garden display

A facepainting booth has been set up here as well

The Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden, prmoting the next Tinker Bell film

You will find little replicas of fairy houses throughout the area

A fairy abacus

Replica of some flying apparatus from the upcoming film

The chimes mentioned on the sign

The fairy play area

There are cut-outs of two new characters nearby

There is a topiary for each fairy

Guests can actually walk through a grassy area between exhibits

Minnie’s Butterfly Garden is presented by “Earth”, in theaters April 22

A butterfly topiary!

A butterfly!

A closed Test Track!

It was closed for most of the morning as they slowly tested cars

The Universe of Energy re-opens Sunday. Notice that the original color scheme from 1982 has returned to the side of the building.

Follow these flowers to Garden Town

The former Wonders of Life pavilion is once again Garden Town

Unfortunately, it only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

A sand sculpture celebrating the film “Earth”

Here is an activity center called the “Earth Station”. Many of you may remember the Earth Station as the name for the original post-show area of Spaceship Earth back in 1982.

A “Beauty and the Beast” character topiary

Chip has too much Lip…

Mrs. Potts


Rafiki presents Simba in  a  topiary in World showcase plaza

Mufasa looks on

As does Sarabi

Told you her name was Sarabi

Scar and “Zero”…

“That’s Zazu!!!”

“Look Simba, they took down the wand!”

Some giraffes

Timon and a plate of bugs

Pumbaa joins Timon

The Promenade has temporarily become the Garden Cafe

The menu has been altered to include items such as a baked potato

The Refreshment Port is close to remove McDonald’s food and signage




Chefs De France has a very special offering at the moment

Here it comes…

Remy from Ratatouille

As we reported a few months ago on the WDW News Today Podcast, the Remy animatronic “living character” that debuted at Disneyland Paris last year has moved to Epcot and visits guests dining in the restaurant.

The very popular GnoMickey has returned this year

A temporary Disney Vacation Club booth in Morocco

Aladdin and the Magic Carpet

A picture of someone taking a picture of the tarps in Japan


and the Tramp in Italy

A “Pirate Ship” (I don’t see it)

Captain Hook and the Crocodile

A giant troll in Norway

Pictures by Larry Dotson for sale

The Garden Retreat store

A stand sells healthy kid snacks

Pluto in a scene from the classic “Chain Gang” short

Goofy playing tennis

Donald skateboarding

Another child play area

And yet another near the Imagination! pavilion

Mickey playing jumprope

Walls up at the Fountain of Nations…

But they finally came down yesterday

A sign advertising Garden Town