Shawn Hutchinson’s 3/20/09 Photo Report

It’s once again time for a photo report from our very own Shawn Hutchinson:

Celebrate on Daisy’s Parking Level!

A sign has been put up at the Opera House advertising the soon to open Disneyland Story Featuring Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln.

Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years closed last Sunday.

The facade for the Round-up and Barbecue at Big Thunder Ranch has been revealed, and it looks great!

I don’t remember the Cheshire Cat being on the Storybook Land boats.

Easter eggs have been added through-out the attraction.

A new Project Tomorrow banner has been added to the outside of Innoventions.

A long line as usual for Space Mountain.

Vinylmation Urban Series #2 has been released at the parks.

These figures are no where near as good as Park Series #1…

… Which probably explains why they have not sold out like Park Series #1 did.

You gotta love the PeopleMover cash registers!

And then there’s the Rocket Jets shelf.

Moving over to Disney’s California Adventure… Here are a few shots of the lovely new Paradise Pier sign.

Construction mania in the lagoon.

It looks like they’re doing quite a bit of work to the top of King Triton’s Carousel. Expect a new canopy as opposed to the covered structure that was originally expected.

More signs have been added to the beautiful Games of the Boardwalk facades.

Odd lights have been added here.

I wonder when they’ll be putting up the Mickey face?

More construction.

And we end Shawn’s report with a few photos of the spectacular Pixar Play Parade!

Thanks for the amazing report Shawn!