Shawn Hutchinson’s 3/27/09 “Celebrate! A Street Party” Photo Report

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Shawn was right next to me watching the Main Street stop of the second performance of “Celebrate! A Street Party” yesterday, and got some great photos while I was grabbing video (which is available in my photo report just bellow this report, or on the Disneyland News Today Podcast feed):

It was very busy at Disneyland yesterday.

A big crowd waiting for the 6:30 performance of the parade on Main Street.

And here comes the “parade”.

The Donald balloon.

The risque performers.

The DJ floats.

Geppeto, Pinocchio, Clarabelle Cow, and Goofy.

The Mickey balloon.

Lilo, Stitch, Chip, Dale, Mickey (bad costume, really!), and Minnie.

Performers standing on garbage cans.

Marry Poppins and Bert.

At this point, the male performers put on a jacket and the female performers put on a hat.

The Goofy balloon off in the background.

One of 3 DJs.

The screens change between these sayings.

Clarice the Chipmunk.

In come the stilt walkers.

Donald and Daisy.

Time to conga!

Then they bring out the cool bikes. The best part of the show!

Then it’s time for the fake guitars!

It’s those wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube men again!

Aw gawsh!

The Goofy balloon.

Lots of people waiting for the tram.

Thanks for your report Shawn, and it was a pleasure meeting you!