DLR Photo Report :: 4/21/09

My parents visited the Disneyland Resort today while I was unfortunately in school. The reason for this visit was my father’s birthday, and he of course got his Birthday Fun Card. Here’s some photos they were able to get for us:

Monorail Orange pulling into the Downtown Disney Monorail Station

Food and Wine Festival banners in Downtown Disney

A tent has been set up in the middle of Sunshine Plaza for the Festival Welcome Center

The gondolas on Mickey’s Fun Wheel have been uncovered

I wonder if there is any work left to do on the sunburst?

My parents managed to pick up this amazing shirt for Tom, Jose, and myself. One of the nicest shirts I think I have ever seen!

It comes complete with a Blue Sky Cellar tag

Hand-outs for the Food and Wine Festival are being distributed

I will be at the Resort this weekend to experience the Games of the Boardwalk for the first time, as well as to attend some of the events at the opening weekend of the Food and Wine Festival. Of course you can stay tuned to Disneyland News Today for a photo report!