DLR Photo Report – 4/26/09

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The California Food and Wine Festival has begun and the Games of the Boardwalk are now open, so I think it’s time for one of my photo reports from the Disneyland Resort:

I have never seen the entrance to Mickey and Friends this busy!

This entrance to Mickey and Friends was busy also

Food and Wine banners in Downtown Disney

Earth banners at the AMC Theatre

There are Up banners near the AMC Theatres instead of Food and Wine ones

Earth is also being promoted at Disney Vault 28

Looks like Disney Vault 28 is still celebrating Annual Passholder appreciation days

Nothing seems to be going on around Department 56

Club Libby Lu on the other hand is in the middle of being transformed into Disney Studio 365

The California Food and Wine Festival has begun

I’m guessing the Brothers and Sisters show on ABC has something to do with wine?

A lot of signs over here

The Lounge at the Golden Vine Winery is once again open

Bountiful Valley Farm Food and Wine information stand

Food and Wine Festival map

For the Food and Wine Festival, there are special items at each counter service restaurant in DCA. This is the special item at Bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market

The Bountiful Vallery Farm Food and Wine stage

The International Festival Wine Walk

The Bakery Tour recently re-opened after a refurbishment. Nothing much looks to have changed

Sunday’s schedule for the Festival

The California Festival Wine Walk

The special item for Cocina Cucamonga

And the special item for Pacific Wharf Cafe

The Pacific Wharf Food and Wine stage

No visible progress over at the former Lucky Fortune Cookery

A decked out Pacific Wharf Bridge

Hard to tell the progress in the Paradise Pier lagoon with all the stuff now in there!

Wow, Mickey’s Fun Wheel looks really amazing!

The sunburst looks to be complete

And now for my first look at the amazing new Games of the Boardwalk

The point pricing

My Play Card

The first game is Goofy About Fishin’

Awesome lighting fixtures

The prizes for Goofy About Fishin’

Everyone Wins! YEY!

The second game is Dumbo Bucket Brigade

The prizes for Dumbo Bucket Brigade

The third game is Casey at the Bat

The prizes for Casey at the Bat

The final, and my personal favorite game is Bullseye Stallion Stampede

The prizes for Bullseye Stallion Stampede

What an ugly transition!

The stores should hopefully be re-done this fall

The Games of the Boardwalk and Toy Story Midway Mania look great next to each other!

The prizes that I won at the Games of the Boardwalk

A look at the new designs for the gondolas on Mickey’s Fun Wheel

I’m really starting to like Paradise Pier now!

Planks stacked up near Mickey’s Fun Wheel

World of Color construction

The special Food and Wine menu item at Pizza Oom Mow Mow

Dinosaur Jack’s Sunglass Shack closes forever on May 26th, due to bulldozed as part of the DCA makeover

PhotoPass CMs are now stationed outside so guests can get their final picture with Dinosaur Jack

Dinosaur Jack himself

Corn Dog Castle also closes for its re-theme on June 1st

As does Souvenir 66

The longest line I’ve ever seen for the Golden Zephyr!

It’s just so darn beautiful!

A strange set of construction walls next to the former Golden Dreams exit. It’s most likely prep work for The Little Mermaid attraction

A sign pointing to Ariel’s Grotto through all the construction walls

A Food and Wine demonstration area I believe

The special Food and Wine menu item at Taste Pilot’s Grill

A long line later for that demonstration area in the Golden Vine Winery

My father participated in the Festival Beer Walk

You got to pick 5 out of 12 different beers they had available to taste


The only remaining sign from the former Lucky Fortune Cookery

Looks like people like beer!

Another look at the Pacific Wharf Food and Wine stage

I wonder what this structure will end up being? Part of the restroom?

The Sunshine Plaza Food and Wine stage

The Festival Gift Shop

A look at some of the merchandise

A nice print

Pins for the Festival

The Festival Welcome Center

I don’t know what the Disney Vacation Club has to do with Food and Wine?

Ew, Windows computers!

Engine-Ear Toys gets no love :(

Robert Irvine from the Food Network’s “Dinner Impossible” was appearing at the festival for its opening weekend

Reminding you as you leave DCA that the Food and Wine Festival continues all the way through June 7th

Now over to Disneyland… A random small construction wall in Town Square

Something here looks very, very different…

They are ripping pieces off the Astro Orbitor, most likely to be repainted, but no one knows for sure exactly what is going to happen

The top section is completely gone

Pixie Hollow’s usual queue area is still walled off

It was announced last Friday that as part of Disneyland’s summer promotion, “Summer Nightastic”, that they are adding LED lighting effects that will keep Pixie Hollow open later than the previous norm of 5:00pm

I actually like this queue set-up more than the usual one, as it is much more shaded

I haven’t done any character photos since January, so I thought it was time for some

The lovely Fawn

And Tinker Bell herself

“Love The Land” merchandise in the Fortuosity Store

My father purchased this year’s Food and Wine hat

A long line of people waiting to get into Disneyland

“Celebrate! A Street Party” backstage from the Disneyland Railroad just before show-time

Monorail Blue is back in service once again

The line for the Monorail was quite long at the Tomorrowland Station. It looked even longer at Downtown Disney!

Monorail Orange also making the rounds

For my first ride on Monorail Orange, I got to ride up front with the driver!

They were doing casting for ABC’s “Supernanny” in Downtown Disney

A lot of traffic on Disneyland Drive

Illuminations should be closing any day now

1 piece of “Love the Land” merchandise in the small store at the Disneyland Hotel

By the time I left the Resort, Mickey and Friends was closed to capacity. They really need to fix these problems!

And we end this photo report off with this year’s Food and Wine Festival Booklet

Be sure to stay tuned to the DLNT Image Galleries for bigger versions of these and many other photos!