DLR Photo Report – 4/6/09

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I’m back from one of my best trips ever to the Disneyland Resort, and of course have plenty of photos to share:

What parking level are we on again?

Two variations of the same pin on sale in the Emporium.

Ah… Isn’t it beautiful?

Monorail Red making its rounds. For now…

A long line for It’s a Small World.

A lot of paiting work going on in the Small World Mall area.

The Small World Clock Ceremony.

The banners on the exterior of Innoventions are now half extinct attractions and half current Innoventions attractions.

This Project Tomorrow banner recently replaced the Adventure thru Inner Space one.

Not sure if this one is new or not.

A look at the pin racks in Little Green Men Store Command.

A nice reference to Beauty and the Beast at Tarzan’s Treehouse.

The store portion of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is now open.

What’s the point of having a door and a sign, if they’re not used?

The boutique itself does not open until April 17th.

More painting going on in the path from the Castle to Tomorrowland via Snow White’s Wishing Well.

A now a look at the newly re-opened Big Thunder Ranch.

This side of the Ranch is pretty much the same as before.

Except for the addition of these new signs.

They show off various awards that animals at the Ranch “won”.

The petting zoo remains.

But the over half of the Ranch is completely different with the addition of Celebration Round-up and Barbecue.

Here’s where you order your meal.

Nobody is eating here…

It does look like a nice restaurant however. A bit expensive though.

The Festival Arena remains walled off.

This is a very family style set-up.

Beyond this point, only patrons of the restaurant may pass.

Another look at the stand where you order your food.

The cash registers.

Billboards for Hannah Montana: The Movie, Up, and Earth.

Awesome California Adventure merchandise with a new logo for the park. I hope they permanently use this one.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel almost looks ready.

The Games of the Boardwalk open today, April 7th.

The new Paradise Pier sign along with painting going on for the sunburst.

A huge structure in the lagoon for World of Color.

This is going to be beautiful when it’s done. Much better than the old Mickey head.

You can see the frame-work of Mickey’s ears in place.

A construction zone near the exit of Golden Dreams. Supposedly prep work for The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Adventure.

A new structure is rising next to the coming soon San Francisco street restrooms.

Studio 365 will replace Club Libby Lu in the near future.

They are even re-painting in Downtown Disney by the Uva Bar.

Illuminations closes at the end of the month.

I walked from Paradise Pier over to the Downtown Disney Monorail Station only to find it closed!

I’m pretty sure it was closed to bring Monorail Orange out on to the tracks.

Quiksilver has become Quiksilver/Roxy.

Not that long of a line at the Annual Passholder Processing Center.

Mr. Lincoln is coming back!

Our very own Myrna Litt treated me to my very first meal at the Blue Bayou!

My first glimpse of Monorail Orange testing.

And now for a few photos from “Celebrate! A Street Party”.

Mickey’s odd new costume.

“Jump, Jive, and Swing!”

Alice and the Mad Hatter dancing together.

“Do you wanna dance?”

Mary Poppins and Bert.


Let’s form the conga line!

Mary Poppins and Bert doing the tango.

During the finale, the performers give these drums to random guests to keep the beat going.

I never get tired of the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men!

Woo, confetti!

“You can’t stop the beat!”

Mickey along with other characters being carried by the bikes.

Minnie included.

The party is packing up and heading down to the Hub.

Monorail Red once again making its rounds later in the day.

Back over at DCA… A new sign up at Pacific Wharf.

The Pacific Wharf Bridge is once again open.

From this viewpoint DCA looks like a ghost town!

A small path opened up to get from the Pacific Wharf Bridge to the Paradise Pier Bridge.

My personal record on Toy Story Midway Mania.

Construction continues on King Triton’s Carousel.

The new sunburst.

Hopefully the water will cover up the amazing amount of equipment in the lagoon.

A beer truck in Pacific Wharf. Everything is $6.75.

Construction continues on the new home for Cocina Cucamonga.

A D23 ad in the Esplanade.

You can “Celebrate Today!” with a Disney Gift Card.

The new map covers.

“Celebrate Today!” with new and upcoming attractions.

The Disneyland Park map now features the party zones for “Celebrate! A Street Party”.

The Paradise Pier logo, sunburst, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and the Games of the Boardwalk are all now on the DCA map.

Well that concludes this photo report. Stay tuned as always to the Image Galleries for bigger versions of these and many other photos.