Imagine the Past (or the Future?)

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While browsing the new-and-improved official Walt Disney World website, I stumbled over something interesting on an attraction information page. The page displaying information about the “Imageworks – The KODAK What If Labs”  at Epcot seems to have a few errors (or are they):

ImageWorks – The Kodak “What If” Labs features a vast array of hands-on, sensory-themed activities and exhibits where you can exercise your imagination and explore your creative side in exciting exhibits that include:

Dreamfinder’s School of Drama – Become the star of your very own film using greenscreen technology
Stepping Tones – Create your own music by stepping on electronic picture panels
Figment’s Coloring Book – Using electric paintbrush guns, add a little color to Figment and Dreamfinder
Electric Philharmonic – Conduct an orchestra through the use of electronic sensors
Rainbow Corridor – Stroll through an illuminated tunnel where colored lights follow you
Vibrating Mirrors – Watch as your reflection changes right before your eyes
Kaleidoscopes – Spin eye-popping colors in intricate designs via large-size kaleidoscopes
Voice-Activated Lumia – Speak out and behold a bevy of shimmering light effects
Bubble Projectors – Blow virtual bubbles on a circular screen and create colorful colors
Figment’s Melody Maker – Help Figment play an instrument to the tune of “One Little Spark”

The exhibits marked in bold lettering all closed as part of the original Imageworks in October 1998 for the refurbishment that brought together the new/current Imageworks, Journey Into Your Imagination (still makes me cringe), and renamed the pavilion “Imagination!”. Why would a website just updated in 2009 feature information this dated? Why are the old exhibits mixed together with the current ones on this list (Mind you, Stepping Tones has existed both upstairs and downstairs)? It’s no secret that Walt Disney Imagineering is working on an update to this troubled Future World pavilion, as a matter of fact, most of the company has already been made aware that the entire “Imagination!” pavilion is going to be handed over to Imagineering before next summer. So what’s going on? Is this just a mistake, or is this a hint of things to come? We’ll just have to wait and see. Be sure to stay tuned to WDW News Today for more on this story as it develops.

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