Mickey Monsters Inc.

From the What’s HapPINing blog on Disneypins.com:

In other news, we mentioned we would be discussing Mickey Monsters this week. Guests who attended Disney Pin Trading Night last Friday at Walt Disney World® Resort had a first look at these new plush. We recently spoke with Denise Edelmaier, Product Developer for Dolls and Plush, and Wei Liu from the Development Team about these new creatures.

Mickey Monsters Logo

“The basic story is that the Mickey Monsters are visiting the Disney Parks,” said Denise. “They try to blend in by disguising themselves as Mickey and a host of other characters that they encounter on their visit.”

Series 1 will have six different Mickey Monsters, each with their own name, personality and story (which will be told on each hang tag). Each plush will retail for $12.95.

Wei shared with us some awesome photos of these new monsters.

Cheeky Bubbles
Cheeky Bubbles loves to ride rides. The faster the better! Most of all he likes to ride with his best friend Ralf, because everything is always better with your best friend.

Ralf doesn’t talk very much. He leaves all the talking to his best friend Cheeky Bubbles. That gives Ralf more time to eat. If you like to eat, Ralf will be your best friend too.

Murff likes hot chocolate. If you give Murff hot chocolate he will be your best friend – at least until the mug is empty. Then he will throw a fit. Don’t forget to add marshmallows. Murff loves them.

Eeku loves ninja movies. He also loves to have his picture taken. When he sees a fun family having their photo taken, he uses his stealth to find his way into the picture.

Ogg likes to visit the parks. He loves to go on rides. Ogg also likes to eat hot dogs and ice cream – together! But after he goes on the rides – not before.”

Keeti likes to dress up. She is always trying to fit in. Sometimes it works – sometimes not. If you play dress up with Keeti she will love you forever. Her sash says, “I’m beautiful.”

The Mickey Monsters were designed by Disney Design Group Artists. We spoke with Monty Maldovan from Disney Design Group about them.

“We wanted to created something that everyone, especially kids, could enjoy,” said Monty. “These Mickey Monsters are fun and allow us to showcase our storytelling abilities. After all, Disney is known for fun and great storytelling.”

Monty designed Cheeky Bubbles and Ralf while Tyler Dumas designed Keeti and Murf.

These plush will be coming to select locations at the Disneyland® Resort in July 2009. The plush will arrive at Walt Disney World® in August 2009.

By this point you may be wondering why new plush are appearing on DisneyPins.com. Anyone care to guess if you’ll see these new characters as Disney pins? We asked Julie Young, Product Developer for Open Edition pins and Accessories.

“I love Mickey Monsters,” exclaimed Julie! “They are going to make phenomenal pins. Look for them in November 2009. Each Mickey Monster pin will be on a custom backer card that carries forth the story found on the plush.”

We can’t wait, too!