Myrna Litt’s 4/15/09 Photo Report

It is once again time for a photo report from our very own Myrna Litt, as she takes a look at the latest progress over at Disney’s California Adventure (with a brief stop at Disneyland):

Monorail Orange making the rounds.

The Mickey Mouse face is now up on Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and it looks just swell!

Look at that, Walt and Mickey.

The sunburst awaits its new lighting effects.

A close-up of the Mickey face.

And now a side profile.

The lights are starting to be installed on the wheel.

Now for Myrna’s first look at the new Games of the Boardwalk.

Casey at the Bat.

Bullesye Stallion Stampede.

Horses aglore for you to win.

2 of the 4 Play Cards with designs from the games.

This is next to the Games of the Boardwalk, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Mickey’s Fun Wheel? I think I’m going to faint…

Looks like they are just about ready to install the fountains in the lagoon.

Prep work for the Silly Symphony Swings boardwalk queue.

Corn Dog Castle closes June 1st for its re-theming.

The Paradise Pier sign and sunburst from the other side of the lagoon.

Celebrate with Pirates, Princesses, and Castles!

Despite rumors that the show would be ending, Drawn to the Magic still continues to perform at the stage in Hollywood Studios and (as seen here) in front of the Disney Animation building.

Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival returns on April 24th and runs through June 7th, 2009.

A marching band performing in front of “Celebrate! A Street Party”.

And we’re done with Disneyland. Back to DCA…

The sunburst as the sun starts to set.

Wow California Screamin’s queue is ugly!

New lighting fixtures are being added to King Triton’s Carousel.

The lights are on at the Paradise Pier sign.

California Screamin’ rolling above the Games of the Boardwalk and Toy Story Midway Mania.

Later in the day, the new lighting on King Triton’s Carousel is on.

The Games of the Boardwalk at night.

Hopefully these will be changing soon.

The beautiful side of Paradise Pier.

Ariel’s Grotto, which actually looks quite nice.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel and the scaff-holding at night.

Along with Corn Dog Castle, Souvenir 66 will be closing on June 1st.

I sort of can’t tell from this view-point if the lighting on the sunburst is new or not.

Thanks very much for your report Myrna!