Shawn Hutchison’s 4/12/09 Photo Report

It’s once again time for a photo report from the fantastic Shawn Hutchison:

Shawn started his day off at Disney’s California Adventure.

Mickey on the Fun Wheel a day before his ears were painted black.

Walls, walls, walls.

Wrong signs on the wrong construction walls.

Even with construction, scaff-holding and the lot, Paradise Pier already looks better than before.

The painting of the California Screamin’ sunburst is complete. All that remains now is the new lighting effects.

The fun is starting to come.

The fun is the Fun Wheel to be exact.

Construction for World of Color.

Most of the dirt still needs to be leveled.

The beginnings of one of the control towers.

This sign over at Ariel’s Grotto will have to be changed soon.

A look inside the bathrooms by King Triton’s Carousel which will undoubtedly be changed eventually.

The area’s detail is simply ok.

For some reason, art from the Games of the Boardwalk are on the King Triton’s Carousel construction walls.

The sunburst hiding behind the Toy Story Midway Mania sign.

The sunburst.

We now begin our first look at the new Games of the Boardwalk.

Instead of cash, the games are now run with game cards, where you can get any of the amounts listed in the picture via a recharge station. Each game costs 250 points.

One of the recharge stations.

One of the Games of the Boardwalk play cards with a very cool graphic from the Bullseye Stallion Stampede game.

The first game is Goofy About Fishin’.

The aim of this game is to fish for fishes in a stream of water, and the level of prize you get is purely luck, as it depends on what color is on the bottom of your fish.

Unfortunately, the prizes are still non-Disney prizes. They are much better than the old prizes however.

These are the prizes for Goofy About Fishin’.

Everybody wins a prize in Goofy About Fishin’. Shawn came away with this duck.

The second game is Dumbo Bucket Brigade.

For this game you have to squirt water into the center of the buckets and whoevers fireman reaches the top first wins a prize.

Prizes for Dumbo Bucket Brigade.

The third game is Casey at the Bat.

Very simply, the aim of this game is throw the baseball into the hole.

Prizes for Casey at the Bat.

The fourth, final, and best (in my opinion) game is Bullseye Stallion Stampede.

In this game, you roll as many balls as you can up into the holes to get your horse to travel to the Finish line. The first horse across wins a prize.

The race to the Finish line!

The cast member ready to award a prize.

The prizes for Bullseye Stallion Stampede.

Each of the games features different, and very unique lighting fixtures.

With a rechargeable card, you can “play to your heart’s delight”!

A look at the beautiful facades.

A look at the sunburst and the Fun Wheel Mickey head from the other side of the lagoon.

Concept for a never made boardwalk game in the Blue Sky Cellar.

There are a few differences between this model and the and the real thing. Firstly there’s a different color scheme, and unfortunately no boardwalk around the attraction.

No sunburst is featured on California Screamin’ in this model. King Triton’s Carousel also likely won’t get the covered structure seen in this model.

And now over to Disneyland Park.

For some reason, Pixie Hollow’s queue is walled off, even though the meet ‘n greet remains open.

Guests now use the front switch-back portion which is not walled off, and then queue along the giant grass blades which is usually the wheelchair entrance.

The store portion of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is now open.

Cool details at one of the entrances to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

A Fairy Godmother stained glass window inside the store portion.

Other displays in the store.

One of the shop windows.

Disneyland is finally running 2 Monorails again with the return of Monorail Blue to the tracks.

It does not however feature the new windows previously installed on Red and Orange.

The other Monorail running at the moment is Orange.

New pressed pennies for the Matterhorn’s 50th anniversary, Big Thunder Mountain’s 3oth anniversary, and Splash Mountain’s 20th anniversary, all of which are this year.

Other pressed pennies featuring characters from Bolt.

Thanks for the amazing amount of pictures Shawn! Keep up the good work!

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