Chuck Canzoneri’s 5/6/09 Photo Report

It’s once again for a photo report from our very own Chuck Canzoneri:

The walls came down at Pixie Hollow on Wednesday

This is the new fountain with octopus shaped lighting

While it is very obvious that the lighting is there, it still does look quite nice

A Cast Member at Pixie Hollow said the lights won’t be active until they finish installing the ones in the trees

A statue of Fawn in the queue

And here’s Rosetta, weirdly under a new structure

Only Fawn was at Pixie Hollow when Chuck visited. No Tinker Bell :(

Moving over to Disney’s California Adventure… Only on a Wednesday would you see the line this short for Toy Story Midway Mania!

Now it’s time for our first coverage of the recently re-opened Mickey’s Fun Wheel

There were 30 minute waits for both swinging and non-swinging gondolas

People loved seeing the classic characters on the cars

Mickey is on all of the non-swinging gondolas

And the rest of the Fab 5 are on the swinging gondolas

The Paradise Pier logo is now on the sides of the gondolas

And now we’re on the ride

On the Fun Wheel, you can see the new platform queue being built for Silly Symphony Swings

And you get a great view of California Screamin’

As well as Mulholland Madness

The new color scheme is so much nicer than the old color scheme

For some reason (maybe testing), the lights on the Fun Wheel were on all day

From this angle, it looked like Golden Dreams was about to be crushed by a giant stone grizzly bear!

This billboard is very out of date now that the Sun Wheel is gone

This one seems even more out of date, since it has the Sun Wheel and the Mickey Ears on California Screamin’

Back over at Disneyland… Former Walt Disney Imagineers Rolly Crump and the late Don Edgren were honored last week with windows on Main Street

A nice new sign that goes along with Rolly Crump’s window

The new Simba figurine, and right next to it for some reason is Epcot’s Figment, wearing a space suit

The Hungry Bear Restaurant is currently closed for a routine refurbishment

The restaurant is currently scheduled to re-open on May 16th, 2009

Peter Pan’s Flight is closed through June 7th, 2009

The goats at Big Thunder Ranch were all wearing colored bandannas. Perhaps they were celebrating something?

This is probably the image of Celebration Roundup and Barbecue Disney would like to sell. See how busy it looks. But in total, only 9 of the 38 tables (Chuck finally did an accurate count) were being used

Over at Splash Mountain, the Honycomb Hound wasn’t spinning around

After a brief 4-day refurbishment, Pirates of the Caribbean has reopened. Here the skeleton captain’s bedroom has been given a thicker coat of spider webs

The donkey is still missing, but you can clearly hear him singing along

And the fire/rubble room which follows the prisoners trying to lure the dog who holds the keys, has gained some mysterious objects… a red cloth (pictured), an empty bottle of rum, and a brown trinket box

Do these faces look familiar?

Above one of the entrances to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique are wood carvings of Mr. Smee, Captain Hook, and the Tick Tock Crocodile

Here’s an awesome poster for the upcoming Summer 2009 Disney Pin Festival, The Haunted Mansion O-Pin House

Chuck took numerous close-ups so you can see all the neat details. See if you can figure them all out

I’ll give this one to you. It’s the Hatbox Ghost, which was featured in the Attic for a couple of months when The Haunted Mansion first opened back in 1969

As stated in the picture, the festival runs from June 19th through August 9th. For all the information you could need on The Haunted Mansion O-Pin House, tune in to future episodes of The Disney Pincast

If only Fawn at Pixie Hollow wasn’t enough for you, then how about some Princesses?

At night, you could still see the clock on Peter Pan’s Flight through the tarps

I’m personally not a fan of the parks closing so early on off season days. 8pm is really too early to be hustled out of Disneyland, let alone 6pm for DCA!

Although, Disney was holding its annual Minnie’s Moonlight Madness. I’ve never heard of it, but this annual Cast Member charity event is huge. This year’s theme was funkadelic

Our new nighttime skyline now that the Fun Wheel is open

This new LED lighting is absolutely stunning!

Thanks for the great report Chuck!

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