Chuck Canzoneri’s “Up All Night” Photo Report

Our very own Chuck Canzoneri attended the first official D23 member event, “Up All Night”, last night at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. He brings us plenty of photos and a couple of videos from the event:

The digital marquee

Yesterday was also the premiere of a new stage show, “Lighten Up”

A video of the marque

The crowds were thick on both ends of the ticket booth

The window display in front of the Soda Fountain & Studio Store

“Up” merchandise inside the Studio Store

The queue ran down the side of the building and then back up towards the theatre

Filming of the event was taking place

About a dozen special volunteers wearing D23 gear were on hand

Our first guest speaker was Steven Clark, the president of D23

He welcomed everyone to D23’s premiere event

And then he introduced the night’s special, surprise guest

The one actor who played a voice in all of Pixar’s films…

Ladies and Gentlemen, John Ratzenberger!

Here’s a video of Mr. Ratzenberger introducing the film (in 2 short parts)

After John’s introduction it was time for the new stage show “Lighten Up”, which was full of high-energy dancing with a latin flair

On-stage were Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale. The characters from “Up” were not in attendance as rumors had suggested

It was kind of like a stage version of “Celebrate! A Street Party”

After the film, D23 had one more special surprise up its sleeve

They added D23 balloons all throughout the lobby

Outside, the atrium was full of balloons as well

Everybody got a balloon to take home, and on the bottom was another special gift

A pin commemorating the event

Thanks for “staying Up all night” with us Chuck!