Photo Report from the “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” Train Tour

Luke Manning of Disneyland News Today attended the opening weekend of the A Christmas Carol Train Tour at Los Angeles’ Union Station. This tour provided a unique look into the creation of the film, which opens in theaters nationwide November 6th, 2009, as well as an 11 minute preview of the movie. Let’s take a look at some of Luke’s photos from the tour:

This way to all trains

Yes, the wait really was 3 hours! Even worse is that later in the day, the line got up to nearly 6 hours!

A lot of people obviously wanted to come out and see this thing

Thankfully, entertainment was provided for guests in the line, including this circus artist, as well as carolers and a band

The train itself

Looks like HP forked over quite a lot of money for this

Kids waiting in line got given an Activity Sheet to keep them occupied

Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Jim Carrey

At this point, it looks like the wait is over…

Unfortunately there’s still an hour and a half to go!

Cleverly deguised speakers


Very cheap water compared to WDW :)

More activities to keep the kids occupied

You could enter for a chance to win an HP TouchSmart PC and Photosmart Printer

And you could also enter to be a Disney Channel Movie Surfer representing your hometown

The crowd of people waiting to get on the train

Not that far to go!

Although these people down here aren’t so lucky, they have about 6 hours to go!

Disney was apparently filming something at the tour today, although Luke didn’t see anything

Snow machines were being blasted occassionally. Happy May everyone! ;)

A couple of screens were put up in the last section of the queue to keep guests slightly entertained

Do you get the feeling that Jim Carrey might be playing too many roles? This is him as the Ghost of Christmas Past

After a 3 hour wait, we are finally on the train! The first part of the tour is the Portrait Hall

Scrooge as a young man

Old Scrooge

Some old “A Christmas Carol” related artifacts on lend from the Charles Dicken Museum in England

Teenage Scrooge

Colin Firth as Scrooge’s nephew Fred

Gary Oldman as Bob Cratchit

Leslie Zemeckis as Mrs. Fred Scrooge

Robin Wright Penn as Fan

More Charles Dickens artifacts

Robin Wright Penn also played Belle

And Gary Oldman also played Tiny Tim. Modern technology is truely wonderous

Can’t quite make out the name of the actress who plays Mrs. Fezziwig

Bob Hoskins is Mr. Fezziwig

The second car features the Landscape Hall showcasing some of the beautiful scene designs

Scrooge’s Magic Siting Room

Rag & Bottle Shop

A Phantom Hearse, which I don’t believe has been featured in any other movie version of “A Christmas Carol”

I don’t believe a Lighthouse has been featured before either

Scrooge’s visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past

Very reminiscent of Peter Pan

Yet more Charles Dickens artifacts

Daytime in old London town

Fred’s Foyer

Scrooge’s Office

Mr. Fezziwig’s

The Royal Exchange in London

Scrooge’s childhood schoolhouse

And finally Scrooge’s grand house

The first part of the third car featured models of the characters in the film, as well as some of the locations

Here you see Scrooge and Bob Cratchit

Mr. Fezziwig and Scrooge

Scrooge again and Mrs. Fezziwig

This version of “A Christmas Carol” is set around 1834 when Big Ben in London was being constructed

A Carriage Hearse

Scrooge’s house

Scrooge’s office

The Ghost of Christmas Present (yes, played by Jim Carrey) and Scrooge as a kid

A middle age Scrooge and his old business partner Jacob Marley

This movie was created in a very unique way. The actors acted everything out in this enviroment, and the animation was put on from their acting in special suits…

Sort of like this

Certainly is a very different way to do a Christmas movie!

The next part had some screens showing various concepts, at different stages, in the film

The final car is the interactive section, where you can take “A Christmas Carol” quiz or morph your own face into that of either Tiny Tim, Scrooge, or Jacob Marley

The Christmas spirit really comes out in the last car where you can have your picture taken with a “well cooked Christmas dinner”

After guests experience the train tour, you get to wait in line again, this time to see an 11 minute preview of the film

That’ll do it for this special WDWNT photo report. The Christmas Carol Train Tour is going to be making stops all throughout the country through November 1st, 2009 in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, which is just a few days before the film debuts. For more information on the Christmas Carol Train Tour, please visit the official site by clicking HERE.

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