Tom Corless’ 4/27-5/4/09 WDW Report

Finally, here is our very last Walt Disney world photo report (we promise) from last week. This report is from WDWNT Owner Tom Corless and is quite lengthy, so let’s get started:

Starting at the Magic Kingdom on April 27th…

Construction has begun on the Pirates League at the entrance/exit to Pirates of the Caribbean

The exterior refurbishment on the Hall of Presidents building continues

The right side of the Diamond Horseshoe is still under tarps

A new (?) exit sign at the Haunted Mansion

The Village Fry Shoppe in Fantasyland has become the Friar’s Nook

Nice to see a Robin Hood reference in the parks (Friar Tuck from the film is pictured on the signage)

Space Mountain and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority are closed for refurbishment

Space Mountain is closed until November, the TTA re-opens in late August

The Stitch meet and greet is making use of the old Galaxy Palace Theater entrance area

The TTA trains are sitting in various places up on the tracks

This end of the area could really use some help, you can see the back of the Main Street buildings from some angles

The repainting of the rock-work in Tomorrowland is complete and it looks fantastic

The service that creates family crest merchandise has moved to the Exposition Hall while the Heritage House in Liberty Square is closed

The now infamous Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride shirt being sold in Fantasy Faire and the Emporium

A lot of the Magic Kingdom merchandise for this year is using the park’s classic logo and the new artwork seen above

Stopping by Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the Fantasia Market has opened

This space used to be “Concourse Sundries & Spirits”

A beautiful picture hanging behind the register

With this complete, the entire 4th floor is refurbished and looking ready for the Bay Lake Tower addition

Over to Epcot on April 28th

Flower and Garden Festival still rolling on

The Test Limit Labs were closed

Not a whole lot at the moment, but that will change in the fall

Where’s the Fire? at Innoventions

Are these interactive kiosks in the queue new?

A nameless attraction?

The Journey into Imagination banner was missing

McDonald’s is gone from the Refreshment Port

The “Top Secret” Kim Possible signs have been replaced with these nicer-themed ones that actually match the area they are in

Tarps slowly coming down in Japan

Not sure how long this menu has been running at the Liberty Inn, but the Buffalo Chicken Breast Nuggets were fantastic

Another new Kim Possible sign near Norway

A great piece from Randy Noble in the Art of Disney at Epcot

Another great Figment piece right next to it, not sure about the artist on this one

The giant gears outside of Mouse Gear were covered with these new rubber mats

A Vinylmation display inside the store

Full of more Mickey plush than Vinylmation

At the Art of Disney in Animal Kingdom, I found these Robert Olszewski boxes that I just had to pick up. The first is the Enchanted Tiki Room.

The Mad Tea Party

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Peter Pan

and Pinnochio

Picnic in the Park at Animal Kingdom


Here is the small map they hand out with the 14 in-park picnic locations

Moving over to Downtown Disney, construction continues on the Paradiso 37 restaurant opening later this month

The new Guest Relations has opened in the Marketplace section

Some of the WDWNT crew at the Guest Relations desk

The new Photopass area

It looks a lot like the Grand Californian hotel out at the Disneyland Resort

Current specials running at the World of Disney store

We made a quick stop at Kidani Village one morning to pick up the limited edition opening daypin

Cool, square garbage cans

A quick look in the Sanaa restaurant

A look at the menu


A quick look at the special times guide for Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 1


They also gave out small maps to tell guest about the imagineer session and where it was taking place

The Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been updated

The final portions of the exhibit are now celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A monitor above the area plays a short video loop about the park’s creation

A D23 billboard at the exit of the One Man’s Dream film

Another piece at the Animation Gallery that emptied my wallet

This cel features the original park map (slightly altered to have the Sorcerer’s Hat rather than the Chinese Theater) with Mickey and Minnie in the front

The price was hefty, but I couldn’t let this one go

This sketch with pin was pretty cool as well

The cupcake is still available through the rest of May

Billboard for Up in the Animation Courtyard

As well as these banners

Moving back to Epcot on May 3rd, the Test Limit Labs re-opened

The back-end of it is still behind walls though

What could this be around the Kimmunicator?

Some kimmunicators have a protective metal casing now, really kills the “Top Secret” feel…

The Casa Mexicana has re-opened as a shop

The store on the other side is closed to become the tequila bar

The Journey Into Imagination banner has returned. Not sure if that is good or bad…

Obligatory monorail pictures


They slightly moved this hidden mickey in Morocco

Heading back over to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday evening, they have introduced Mickey’s Pin Trading Stroller

A pretty cool idea

The Launches to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resorts is no longer leaving from the small dock in front of the Magic Kingdom

On to my last day, May 4th. The latest D23 magazine was on sale in the Grand Floridian

Someone was having fun with their stroller name tag…. a classic

At the Magic Kingdom, the Frontierland train station is under tarps. This refurbishment will cause the WDW railroad to shut down for two days later this week

The latest version of the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade debuted on Sunday, I saw it on Monday


Chip, and Dale now follow the grand marshall vehicle

Gepetto, Fowlfellow, and Gideon are now in front of the Pinnochio float

Abu, Genie, and Aladdin are in front of the Aladdin/Mary Poppins unit now

Dopey has left the float

Winnie the Pooh is gone

Captain Hook, the updated Mr. Smee, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum have been added as well

Nice sandals

The number of dancers in front of the other floats has dwindled. Also note that the Villains float has been removed.

Suzy, Perla, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella are now in front of the princess unit

Lilo and Stitch have made it in the parade

Woody joins the crew as well

As does Jessie

Baloo and King Louie are now featured with Goofy and Donald aboard the castle float

Some characters now come off of the floats for the updated show stop. Overall, the parade has greatly improved and is now actually worth a viewing.

Over in Tomorrowland, Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration has debuted

An interactive Stitch appears on screen…

while Tip Trendo and his Galactic Girls dance along with guests

At times, Tip goes into the crowd to talk to guests and allow them to interact with Stitch

At one point, Stitch creates dancing robots (after turning down the Timekeeper’s head for them) that he buys from Robo Mart (a division of X-S Tech)

The two “robots” do some unbelievable dance moves

Stitch plays them a tune on-screen

Stitch can also take pictures of guests with his camera and then show the picture on screen

Stitch eventually transports himself to Tomorrowland to join the celebration

They invite guests to dance along to “Stop, Look, & Listen”

Overall, it’s a fun show. It’s a little long at 25 minutes, but it truly outmatches the Stitch Live! shows in Hong Kong and Paris.

I hope you all enjoyed the report!!!