Chuck Canzoneri’s 6/14-6/15/09 Photo Report

It’s once again time for a photo report from our very own Chuck Canzoneri:

Disney now has a parking lot on the famous strawberry fields. I don’t think it’s open to the public yet though

It must have been busy, as Chuck had to park in Buzz Lightyear!

Lots of nice merchandise, including this Sorcerer Mickey with orange robes for some reason

A very musical Goofy from the Mickey Mouse Club collection

Shere Kahn from The Jungle Book

Pistol Packin’ Donald with Huey, Dewey, and Louie

The Three Little Pigs

Basil and Watson from The Great Mouse Detective, one of my personal favorite movies

Priority seating for Disney’s Electrical Parade is in the Golden Vine Winery right next to the Blue Sky Cellar

Sunday night the crowds were deep and thick for the Electrical Parade

New light up balloons that retail for $12

Here you can see the balloons work very nicely along with “Baroque Hoedown” (the main theme of Disney’s Electrical Parade)

The lead Tinkerbell float was very big. Larger than any photo could possibly convey

Nothing beats the sounds of “Baroque Hoedown” blasting through the speakers

The Cheshire Cat did a real neat disappearing trick

Here’s a short video of that effect

The improved Peter Pan unit

The Pinocchio section was interesting because it focused exclusively on Pleasure Island

Pixie Hollow Enchantment was one of the nicest upgrades for Summer Nightastic, well worth waiting around for

The lighting effects here are just simply stunning

Now on to Monday June 15th… There was some filming taking place for some Disney promos with Alexa Vega

Celebration Roundup and Barbecue was the most crowded Chuck had ever seen it. Over 20 tables in use

But it was still quiet compared to most of the park. In fact, there were record crowds on Monday as all Annual Passholders could finally catch the new Summer entertainment

This is Tower of Terror at 4pm. Large crowds and long waits were everywhere

This queue was for people returning with a Fastpass

These people were waiting for the rest of their party. Large crowds were everywhere you looked

Extended queue was up at Tower of Terror. Chuck decided to head out and take in the fireworks another day

Thanks for the report Chuck!