Matt Paul’s 6/12-13/09 WDW Photo Report

Matt Paul has just returned from two day’s of fun at the Walt Disney World Resort and has a plethora of photos to share with us from his journeys, so let’s take a look:

“Celebrate Today!” over and over and over again

The West Side was a ghost town early in the morning

Some new decorations for “Celebrate Tonight!” at Pleasure Island

They have repainted this refreshment/DJ building

The Paradiso 37 restaurant is now open

Characters in Flight blends nicely into scenery at Downtown Disney

The entrance of the Design-a-Tee shop is under refurbishment

A bus to the new Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom, or as we’re calling it now, Refurbland

Tarps are up on the Penny Arcade facade

As well as the Hall of Champions

Guests can still walk through

A bubble machine was running by the hub for some reason

“I’m not waiting that long for this attraction!”

A new stage is being built for the Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Tutorial across from Pirates of the Caribbean

The Diamond Horseshoe is still under tarps

A strange tarp is up on the top of this building

The Hall of Presidents is still under tarps, even though we are just two weeks away from Passholder previews

Are these Eagles on the lampposts new?

Ye Old Christmas Shoppe is also under tarps

The backside of the tarp features trees

“it’s a small world” and Pinocchio’s Village Haus are behind tarps as well

The entrance is temporarily back on the right side of the attraction

The wait time sign has actually been embedded in the walls

This is what it would look like if the queue was enclosed….

Space Mountain is still closed

The old Skyway building is still under refurbishment

The Frontierland Railroad Station is still under tarps as well

Back to Space Mountain, where there are people working on the roof

The TTA is closed until late August

A really cool sign telling guests about the closure

Matt then watched the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

“Please don’t hit me with that baton…”

The princess unit has received a new pain scheme

The white frosting has been turned blue

They also repainted the white railings here gold

More new blue frosting

Star Wars Weekends has wrapped up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The “Alice in Walt Disney World” cel was released at the Animation Gallery on Saturday

The parks have been very crowded all week

The San Francisco Street facade has returned and is looking very good

We end this report with the Green Army Men teaching some new recruits. Thanks for the report Matt!!!