More Info on Pixie Hollow Enchantment and the TLT Dance Club

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Disney has released two press releases on the two smaller items of Summer Nightastic. First up, Pixie Hollow Enchantment:

ANAHEIM, Calif. (June 12, 2009) – Summer nights at Disneyland Resort will sparkle with more pixie dust than ever this year as Tinker Bell and her fairy friends unite to create an iridescent light show in their first appearance under the stars, at Pixie Hollow Enchantment.

WHAT: Tinker Bell and her friends have been welcoming guests into their Pixie Hollow home, tucked into the glen near the entrance to Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, since fall of 2008. This summer, for the first time, nighttime visitors will find magical surprises at Pixie Hollow and see the nearby pond come to life in twinkling light shows.

WHEN: Nightly, at 15 minute intervals, beginning Friday, June 12, and continuing through Sunday, Aug. 23, at Pixie Hollow.

THE MAGIC: Pixie dust cascades across the landscape and radiates down into the pond. Even the water becomes enchanted as playful fountains spring to life, pop jets perform with whimsical precision and sparkling strobes shine throughout Pixie Hollow.

LUMINOUS COLORS: The dazzling light show features an array of luminous colors, from the deepest blues to brilliant reds to the most marvelous whites.

PIXIE MUSIC: The magical score transforms the fairy land after dark and includes all-new songs inspired by the film score from the popular movie, “Tinker Bell.”

LED LIGHTS: Sparkling, dazzling and twinkling effects are created by 1,000 LED strobe lights that use as much as 50 percent less energy than regular incandescent lights. In addition, the attraction is enhanced by colored LED fixtures both in the landscaped areas and in Pixie Dust Lake. While using less energy, the LED fixtures allow the color of the landscape and water to interact with the music.

SHOW DIRECTOR’S COMMENT: “Everyone will be swept away by the great music and shimmer of pixie dust at Pixie Hollow this summer,” said Denny Newell, show director for Pixie Hollow. “This little gem of an addition to Nightastic! combines so many of the elements that make Disneyland the place where dreams come true – great storytelling, cutting-edge technology and, of course, heart.”

And secondly, the TLT Dance Club at the Tomorrowland Terrace:

ANAHEIM, Calif. (June 12, 2009) – This summer guests at the Disneyland Resort will celebrate life’s milestones in a huge party under the stars, Summer Nightastic!, and Disneyland will rock like never before at the new, exciting TLT Dance Club in Tomorrowland.

WHAT: Tweens, teens and families will be drawn to the TLT Dance Club at Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland. Dazzling décor includes an illuminated DJ console, where the TLT Dance Club DJ will spin the hottest dance tunes, guaranteed to keep Tomorrowland rockin’ all night.

THE SCENE: The music is pulsing, lights are flashing and Disney performers keep the energy flowing and the moves going. Summer nights get a lot hotter as guests get their groove on at this smokin’ summer hotspot. What’s more, guests can snag giveaway items and also test their Disney knowledge in a variety of fun trivia contests.

WHEN: Nightly, beginning Friday, June 12, and continuing through Sunday, Aug. 23, at Disneyland park.

THE MUSIC: Popular Top-40 bands—including Suburban Legends, Reunion, Tomasina and The Bolts—and DJs from the hottest radio stations in LA and San Diego crank up the music and pump up the energy from a stage flanked by flaming columns. The dance floor will be as jam-packed as the schedule:

June 12 to 13 – Suburban Legends
June 15 to 18 -102.7 KIIS-FM
June 19 to 20 – Reunion
June 22 to 25 – Star 94.1 San Diego
June 26 to 27 – Tomasina
June 29 to July 2 – Latino and La Raza
July 3 to 4 – Suburban Legends
July 6 to 9 – 104.3 MYfm
July 10 to 11 – The Bolts
July 13 to 16 – POWER 106
July 17 to 18 – Tomasina
July 20 to 23 – Super Estrella
July 24 to 25 – Reunion
July 26 – Instant Replay
July 27 to 30 – 102.7 KIIS-FM
Aug. 3 to 6 – Channel 933 San Diego
Aug. 10 to 13 – 104.3 MYfm
Aug. 14 to 15 – Reunion
Aug. 17 to 20 – POWER 106
Aug. 21 to 22 – Tomasina

Performances on other dates to be determined

GET YOUR GLOW ON: Guests will light up the night and the dance floor with glow-in-the-dark necklaces and flashing bracelets available at the TLT Dance Club.

VIRTUAL SHOUT-OUTS: Teens and tweens can give virtual “shout-outs” to friends and family by texting the TLT Dance Club, and the texts will appear on giant plasma screens.

“TOP [email protected]” COUNTDOWN: What’s more, club-goers can text their favorite songs to TLT Dance Club and the top tunes will be played in a totally cool countdown, “Top [email protected]” countdown.

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