Shawn Hutchison’s 6/12/09 Summer Nightastic Photo Report

Our third and final photo report for today comes to us from Shawn Hutchison who was at the beginning of Summer Nightastic yesterday at the Disneyland Resort:

An ad for Summer Nightastic at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure

Finally new billboards at the Mickey and Friends Tram Station

Guess it was too late to change all the promotional images featuring the dragon? ;)

Looks like they’re going for a dragon combo here

A new edition to the Esplanade, a giant inflated house promoting “Up”

The Opera House restrooms are still closed

The Astro Orbitor re-opened yesterday

Shawn’s Nightastic night began with Disney’s Electrical Parade

The new Tinker Bell unit kicks off the parade

The opening train unit looks better and brighter than ever

The logo now switches on and off a lot nicer than just flicking off and on

All of the units in the parade have received nice lighting upgrades. I’ll point out the more significant upgrades

The big butterfly now flaps its wings

The Cheshire Cat is completely new, and very bright! The colors are a little off though

Some very cool lighting effects here

You should get the jist of how this effect works

Here you can see the pixie dust trails that are now on every major unit

Suzy and Perla got new costumes

The pixie dust trail works very well on the Cinderella Pumpkin unit

The Cinderella section is about the same as before. Just some minor lighting upgrades

The fountain on the clock tower unit looks a lot more convincing now

The Peter Pan section received a new skull head and higher mast. The spinning Tinker Bell on top of the ship was removed as she now leads the parade in full size

The Snow White Dwarf Mine has returned to the parade after being gone from it since 1996 when the parade had its “farewell” at Disneyland Park

Those are some bright crystals!

Also missing since 1996 is the Pinocchio section, which essentially replaced the Dumbo unit

That clown face is pretty creepy!

The music in this section is very different to the other sections. Very carnival and very electronic

Are they cigars!? If they are, I’m very surprised they’re still on the unit

The highlight of the parade is still good old Elliott the Dragon!

Hi Pete!

The To Honor America finale received a new sign and amazing new firework effects

Shawn managed to catch some of Magical from the Esplanade

Now onto Fantasmic

The giant Kaa from The Jungle Book

Pink Elephants on Parade

“I’ve Got No Strings”

The amazingly articulated new Crocodile

The new Flotsam and Jetsam eels

The replacement for the dragon… Maleficant on a tower :(

Still, the finale is just as spectacular as ever!

Fountains galore!

Loving the DCA map! Disneyland not so much…

Thanks for the great report Shawn!