Chuck Canzoneri’s 7/6/09 Photo Report

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Chuck Canzoneri returns with a new Disneyland Resort photo report:

Lots of unexpected barriers up. Behind these tarps, some fresh asphalt had been laid in

Loading to the left, unloading the right. Hopefully this’ll make things work much more smoothly

Looks like some freshly painted railings around the Hub

The railings surrounding the Matterhorn were so freshly painted at rope drop…

…the painters were still there

Snow White’s Scary Adventures has re-opened

No major changes. Some better articulation of the trees in the forest scene, but the whole attraction was freshly polished

The Jolly Trolley has been gone from Toontown for quite a while now

The view from the very top of Splash Mountain

For some, this is the last thing they see before closing their eyes

The bluebird was missing all spring, but it’s finally back, looking as clean and new as ever

The Disneyland Band was performing with Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Donald at 2pm

Mickey and Minnie danced with the band

Chuck took a look at the new Disney Studio 365

Things were worse than he feared

After meeting with a Talent Agent (cashier) and signing your contract (credit card receipt) your teen is sent into hair, make up, and wardrobe

After their wardrobe fitting, they take part in a photo session and get a memento of their celebrity experience

These are actual outfits worn by Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana

Chuck ate lunch at the Uva Cafe to prepare for the upcoming Downtown Disney Dining Discussion on the Disneyland News Today Podcast. This is the Meatball Slider with mozzarella cheese. It has far less flavor than the picture suggests

This is the chicken caeser salad, featuring the palest lettuce ever seen. Again, the house dressing is completely lacking in flavor. Chuck said it tasted like milk and water mixed with some store bought grated parmesan cheese. And check out the tiny croutons

His main dish was the best thing he ate there, the turkey sandwich dressed up with arugula, bacon, guacamole and deli mustard. This is to cover the lack of actual turkey. Chuck said the bread was the best part of this sandwich. And guacamole and mustard do not mix

Over to DCA, where these walls will be the park’s most common feature for a while

Dinosaur Jack is gone, but Corn Dog Castle still remains

Some photos of the new Disney prizes at the Games of the Boardwalk

With the new prizes, the crowds were definitely heavier

Thanks for the report Chuck!