DLR Photo Report – 7/6/09

I’m back from a wonderful evening trip yesterday to the Disneyland Resort. Even though I visited both parks, this photo report only covers Mickey and Friends and Disney’s California Adventure. So let’s get to this photo report:

Some work going on at the Mickey and Friends Tram Station. The tram only loads on the right side at the moment

As I got into DCA, the Pixar Play Parade started, so here are some photos

The Ratatouile unit has finally returned to the parade

It’s a recipe for fun!

The old location of Cocina Cucamonga is now behind walls and will re-open sometime in September as an Asian eatery

Meanwhile, the new location has opened up

The restaurant looks very nice, a lot nicer than before

The updated menu

This sign was moved from the original location

And the main maque from the original location was moved the side of the new location. Weirdly enough, the old Lucky Fortune Cookery sign remains on the right. Maybe as a tribute?

World of Color construction

Just yesterday, the Games of the Boardwalk got new, Disney prizes!

These new prizes really makes it worth handing out the money to play the games

The Orange Stinger closes for its re-theme to the Silly Symphony Swings on July 14th, so I thought I’d take a final ride on the attraction as it is

The cast member even mentioned that the attraction is going away next week

Speaking of going away, Dinosaur Jack has been completely bulldozed

The removal of the Sunglass Shack makes for a nice view of the new Disney Vacation Club wing of the Grand Californian Hotel

The coffee cart has moved into the nice new area of Golden State Park

The new Cocina Cucamonga sign lit up at night

Now the thing I’ve been looking forward to seeing since it debuted last month, the updated Disney’s Electrical Parade

The new Tinker Bell unit is absolutely stunning, incredibly beautiful!

The lights look amazing!

The Casey Jr. Train looks more amazing than ever

The butterfly on this unit is new, and it actually flaps its wings

The whirly-bugs are just as fun as ever

The Cheshire Cat is different from before

He dissapears in a very cool way

The colors are a bit odd though. Not true to the movie

This caterpillar quite frankly looks very dated, and I think this should be removed from the very long Alice in Wonderland section

The Cinderella section is about the same as before

The clock tower looks really nice

The fountains look a little more believeable now

The spinning Tinker Bell on the top of the Peter Pan unit has been removed as she now leads the parade in full size

The skull at the front is new

The new LED lights really shine in the Snow White section

This unit has returned to the parade after being gone from it since it was at Disneyland

Also back is the Pinocchio section

The second Pinocchio unit

I’m very surprised they kept the cigars on the unit in this day and age

Elliot, still my favorite part of the parade

Elliott’s eyes are new

Elliott now “dissapears” in rather spectacular fashion, leaving just a few faint lights on

The sign on the To Honor America unit is new

The fireworks on this unit look really great

That concludes this photo report. Hope you all enjoyed it!