Scene by Scene Rundown of World of Color

As if all the coverage of World of Color that we’ve had already wasn’t enough, Brady MacDonald from the LA Times Travel Blog has a scene by scene rundown of the show from yesterday’s media walk-through of the construction site:

I watched with awe Thursday as Steven Davison pantomimed his way through a sweaty and breathless preview of the World of Color water show coming to Disney’s California Adventure in spring 2010.

For those who’ve never had the pleasure of watching a performance by the Walt Disney Imagineering vice president of parades and spectaculars, it’s a treat to behold and a sight you’ll never soon forget. I’m always worried he’ll pass out from hyperventilation or hyperbole. (Watch video from Davison’s Summer Nightastic presentation.)

World of Color, which blends the nighttime spectacle of Disneyland’s Fantasmic and the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, is the first major addition of a $1.1-billion makeover planned for Disney’s California Adventure through 2012.

The water show will feature an array of dancing fountains, movie projections and lighting effects all tied to the original Sherman Brothers musical score from Disney’s  Sunday night television show of the 1960s and ’70s.

As best as I can determine from my furiously scribbled notes of Davison’s thousand-words-per-minute summary, here’s the scene-by-scene rundown for the 25-minute World of Color show:

  • The show opens with laser lights painting the night sky to the classic Sherman Brothers “Wonderful World of Color” song.
  • Tinker Bell sprinkles pixie dust that enchants a famous quote by Walt Disney, causing the “D” in Disney to chase the fairy around the lagoon.
  • An orange fountain, dubbed Little Squirt, makes his first appearance as the mischievous spirit of Walt Disney.
  • The green Spring Sprite from “Fantasia” creates a World of Nature on the one-acre lagoon canvas.
  • The Colors of the Wind segment, utilizing “water butterfly” fountains, incorporates the song “Just Around the Riverbend” from “Pocahontas.”
  • Heimlich from “Bug’s Life” brings on the April Showers segment, which transitions into a raging sea storm.
  • Employing a “paper animation” technique, the “Alice in Wonderland” segment includes Alice, White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat.
  • Little Squirt returns during the “Little Mermaid” segment, which includes the songs “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea” and features a fountain conga line.
  • Crush from “Finding Nemo” surfs on the East Australian Current.
  • Humpback whales from “Fantasia 2000″ breach and splash before sailing off through the stars.
  • Wall-E and Eve dance a water ballet during the Colors of the Universe segment, which features full-projection water domes.
  • Woody and Buzz from “Toy Story” play on a “water bed” in the Infinity and Beyond segment.
  • Carl from “Up” arrives in his balloon house before the music transitions to “A Whole New World” as Aladdin and Jasmine fly by on a magic carpet.
  • The story grows dark during Color of Fear, which features fire effects and a number of Disney villains, including the Firebird from “Fantasia” and Dr. Facilier from the upcoming “Princess and the Frog.”
  • The wildebeests from “The Lion King” rush at the crowd in a water stampede.
  • During the World of Tears transformation, a million points of light shine as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Beast are awakened with a kiss.
  • Tinker Bell and Little Squirt return during a finale that washes the lagoon in a kaleidoscope of color.
  • An encore utilizing “The Incredibles” symphonic score may or may not end the show.

My fingers are tired. I can’t wait to see the real thing.

And I have to agree with Brady on this one. Only word one can describe this show… AMAZING!

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