Imagineering Video Hints at the Future of the Disney Parks

From WDW News Today:

With the huge D23 Expo just a few days away, could this video be peppered with tidbits teasing some announcements for the future of the Disney Parks, or are some of these things a little further off?:

Some interesting notes with the times in the video they appear:

-At 0:19, there are fountains set on fire. Is this something we will see in World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure or somewhere else?

-At 0:45, there is a portrait of Master Gracey that changes as the Imagineer waves his hand over it, could this technology be coming to The Haunted Mansion?

-At 1:14, there are two men animating a Jack Sparrow character through motion capture technology. Is this for the interactive experience coming to the Disney Cruise Line?

-At 1:52, there is a space alien (we think it’s an alien) behind an Imagineer. Could this be something new for Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom or for the next generation Star Tours attraction?

-From 2:17 to 2:21, you can see a man walking in a real environment and interacting with projected characters, a creature made of ice and Tinker Bell. For a while I have been hearing rumors of an experience where guests would be able to enter environments and interact with “real” characters via RFID technology. Could this be it?

-At 2:22, there is a really strange (but very cool) spinning simulator-type vehicle with mounted guns. What could this be?

This very interesting video has left me with a ton of questions that I hope will be answered at the D23 Expo. What do you think these things are? Be sure to let us know in the WDWNT Network Community Forums!