Luke Manning’s 8/17/09 Photo Report

Hey everyone, Luke Manning here. I visited the Disneyland Resort yesterday on what easily was the busiest day I have ever seen at the parks. But anyway, let’s get to my photo report:

The line at the Downtown Disney Monorail station was 3 switch-backs long, which meant a wait of over half an hour. Only Monorail Blue was running

Here you can see work on the permanent home for LittleMissMatched, which will be right next to its current home

All guests, even Annual Passholders, were required to get their hand stamped

Some of the merchandise from the recent SHAG Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary event is still available in the Disneyana Store

This really nice shirt costs $74

This piece of art was on display behind the cash register at the back of the store

A cool feature about the piano in The Golden Horseshoe, is that keys play in time with the music, similar to the piano in the attic scene of The Haunted Mansion

Speaking of The Haunted Mansion, we have just under a month left until the attraction closes for its Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay

Madame Leota is still currently not floating off the table

The Observatron wasn’t working my last few trips, but it was working every 15 minutes this trip

The Pixie Hollow pond is looking a little dry

Some of the giant flowers are seeing some wear and tear

Alice in Wonderland was broken down from around 7pm until after Magical

There were crowds and clean-up crews aplenty after the 6:30pm performance of “Celebrate! A Street Party” at Small World

The final parade floats were still right by the parade gate 15 minutes after the parade finished its last performance for the day

The Enchanted Cottage restaurant at the Princess Fantasy Faire is closed for refurbishment through November 17th, 2009

It’s a shame that this area is so under-utilized, with the Princess Storytelling and Royal Coronation Ceremony shows gone, and The Enchanted Cottage closed for refurbishment through November. This currently leaves just the Princess meet ‘n greets, which end at 6pm everyday

Some work being done by the old Motor Boat Cruise loading area, currently the smoking area

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey has re-opened from just over a month-long refurbishment

The line was the longest I have ever seen it, coming out of the door, and curling around the front side of the building

Some painting taking place outside the attraction

Some work on a bridge at Carnation Plaza Gardens

A group of Fantasmic crowd control Cast Members together near the Frontierland entrance. They were meeting to discuss the 3 Fantasmic shows that were to be preformed that night. It was so busy that they added a 3rd showing of Fantasmic at 11:30

And speaking of it being busy, the line for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was 45 minutes. Star Tours had a 30 minute wait

A flat Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port sign has replaced the old, three-dimensional one

There was even a line to get into Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

Space Mountain was broken down for a while as well. And how often do you see people queuing on this side?

One thing that didn’t have any crowds was the Pixie Hollow Enchantment show

With Summer Nightastic coming to a close this Sunday, I wonder if Pixie Hollow will continue to close at 8pm, and if Pixie Hollow Enchantment will continue?

Alice in Wonderland remained closed until at least after Magical

Halloween candy is already being sold at the little stand next to the Guided Tours Garden

Halloween Mickey ears were being sold there as well

Thanks for taking a look at this photo report!