Matt Paul’s 8/21/09 WDW Photo Report

Matt Paul took a trip to the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Friday and has a plethora of newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look at his report:

Starting at the Magic Kingdom, work on the Emporium’s Arcade facade continues

The Hall of Champions facade on Main Street U.S.A. is still behind tarps as well

Some landscaping taking place behind walls at the north end of Main Street

The crane has returned behind Cinderella Castle for the installation of the Holiday Dreamlights

Some of the Castle is already covered in lights

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority will re-open September 1st

New LED lights have been installed along the entire exterior ride path

Another look at the new lights

All of the ride trains are lined up together, ready to get back in action after 4.5 months

The Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration stage is still under tarps

For some reason, the control booth across from the stage was open

Work on the old Skyway building in Tomorrowland is progressing

Some of the ceiling on the top floor has been removed

A group of Imagineers returning to work on Space Mountain

As you can see the walls have been extended to include the Space Mountain Entrance and the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co./Arcade

Still no noticeable changes to the entrance of Space Mountain

The crane for the Castle Lights is being “hidden” behind walls in Fantasyland

Pinnochio Village Haus is still under tarps for what seems to be a very long exterior refurbishment

This completed side of the Village Haus looks shiny and new

Ye Olde Christmas Shop in Liberty Square is also still under tarps for some exterior touch-ups

The men working on the castle lights are hoisted up and over the castle so “Dream Along with Mickey” can begin on the forecourt stage

Matt then took a trip over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Despite the park operating hours being short, the Studios was very crowded

As you can see Toy Story Midway Mania has a VERY long wait time “Midway” through the day

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is back up and running after last week’s incident

According to a Cast Member, the Luxo Jr. Animatronic on Pixar Place is down for quite a while for technical tweaking and improvements

Stage 1 was supposed to be home to a Monsters Inc. attraction, but rumors indicate that attraction has been shelved due to budget concerns

The Backlot Tour Tram that usually sits at the exterior of the attraction has been “towed away” for general refurbishment

With no special events currently taking place at the Studios, the Premiere Theater sits unused

Can you notice anything out of place in this photo?

Lightning Mcqueen’s lightning decal is missing, is it possible this lights up or is there just something missing

The Osbourne Family Lights are currently being installed on the Streets of America for their November 10th debut

We hope you enjoyed this photo report, now be gone before someone drops a house on you too!