Brandon Struve’s 9/26/09 Epcot Photo Report

We have been so swamped with news at WDWNT this week that it has taken us 4 days to get to it, but without any further delay, here are some photos that WDWNT Reporter Brandon Struve took on his latest trip to Epcot:

In case you haven’t heard, The International Food & Wine Festival has begun

The display in front of Spaceship Earth

The panels above Gateway Gifts and the Camera Center have been painted a dark blue

I’m hoping they don’t replace the original signs

The former Wonders of Life pavilion is once again the Festival Center

The extinct film from Disney’s California Adventure hosted by Jeremy Irons is playing inside the former Making of Me theater

This is the first appearance by Jeremy Irons since he was narrator of Spaceship Earth last on July 7, 2007

The wine seminars had a longer line than Body Wars did the last few years it was open

Inside Innoventions, new directional signs are in place

The Sum of All Thrills should be opening soon

A special banner has been put up on Pin Central for the Food & Wine Festival

The new railing around the Fountain of Nations features steel Spaceship Earth icons

The display between Future World and World showcase

Epcot tends to get crowded during the festival

Over In Mouse Gear, some retro Epcot Center cups are now available