Myrna Litt’s DLR and Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Photo Report

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Our very own Myrna Litt was one of the lucky few who got into The Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary event last week, and she shares with us her photos of the event, along with other happenings around the Disneyland Resort:

We’ll start off with the day before the event, at the merchandise viewing and pick-up area at the Disneyland Hotel

There was a photo opportunity

Into the store we go…

Various pieces of Haunted Mansion merchandise, from pins to sketches to models

Here you can see the attraction poster and the stretching room portraits

A Haunted Mansion themed chess set

“Tomb Sweet Tomb”

T-Shirts, bookends, a replica of the Grandfather Clock, and more

The old Disneyland LP: “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House”

Now on to the event itself on 9/9/09. After dinner and the talk with Disney Imagineers, guests were escorted into Disneyland Park for a spooktacular ride on The Haunted Mansion

Guests got great entertainment along the way from Haunted Mansion butlers

All the attendees waiting to get inside at 9pm, which was already after Disneyland had closed for the day

1 hour later, it was about time to enter the park

Guests walking towards The Haunted Mansion

Special lights along the Rivers of America

Special cake just waiting to be eaten!

Waiting for the cake cutting

Constance and George get ready to cut the cake with a hatchet

The “happy couple” with hatchet in hand

Everyone was waiting to see Constance and George and enter the Mansion

Guests dressed for the occasion

Various people being interviewed

The wedding cake

Constance and George waived to guests as they entered the Mansion

Notice that both of them have their necks split open

“Welcome Foolish Mortals”

Madame Leota still not floating

And that’s all we’ll see of The Haunted Mansion this year. The attraction closed the next day for the installation of Haunted Mansion Holiday

They had the Mark Twain lined up right along the Rivers of America

Myrna’s very expensive slice of cake

Fog rolling in

Wandering Ghosts from the Ballroom scene

Now stepping away from The Haunted Mansion event… A Halloween window display at Gone Hollywood

Some work being done to these posts at Ariel’s Grotto

World of Color and Paradise Park construction

Railings being added around the perimeter of Paradise Park

More characters appear to be doing meet ‘n greets in Hollywood Pictures Backlot, such as Snow White seen here

But even better is Snow White and Cinderella doing meet ‘n greets together

Over at Disneyland, here’s a Halloween window display on Main Street

The Celebration Cake over at Carnation Cafe, added for “What Will You Celebrate?”

Thanks for your report Myrna!

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