Shawn Hutchison’s 9/26/09 Photo Report

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Shawn Hutchison returned to Disneyland yesterday to take a look at more of the Halloween offerings through-out the Resort:

The third billboard at the Mickey and Friends Tram Station. Shawn got pictures of the other two in his last photo report

One of two Halloween displays along the Mickey and Friends tram route

Let’s take a look at some of the Halloween decorations in Sunshine Plaza at Disney’s California Adventure

Candy Corn Acres is back for what could be its last year

Various different fruits and vegetables are depicted as candy corn through-out this Halloween overlay

Candy Corn Corn?

Even the Churro cart is decked out for the season

The Snow White 70th anniversary meet ‘n greet is once again up at the entrance to Disney Animation, for the DVD and Blu-Ray release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Here you can meet Dopey, Snow White, and the Old Hag

The Genie did a very funny thing during Aladdin and Jasmine’s wedding in the Aladdin show, where he interrupted the wedding in a Kayne West manor

One of the Jumpin’ Jellyfish towers is closed down for refurbishment, while the other remains open

The Disney’s California Adventure Halloween map

Now over to Disneyland for a tour of Haunted Mansion Holiday

Doesn’t the pumpkin look a whole lot more menacing here?

Isn’t there still three months until Christmas? ;)

A recipe for a “good Christmas”


Now into the Mansion…

This portrait has been flipped vertically

This one was flipped too


And Nice

Haunted Mansion Holiday certainly adds a lot of liveliness to the loading area

This year’s gingerbread house in the Ballroom is a Carousel

A portrait of Jack Skellington in the Attic

The freaky snake creature in place of Constance

Oogie Boogie “runs” the popcorn cart outside Haunted Mansion Holiday during Halloween and Christmas

Yummy Halloween treats

Thanks for the report Shawn!

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