Star Tours II: The Force is Strong with This One

Disney has released a youtube version of the short clip that was shown of Star Tours II (in 3-D) at the D23 Expo. The video is also available in high definition by clicking the appropriate button below:

Since I have received a number of questions by email about this updated attraction, I decided it would be best to list what we know about Star Tours II thus far:

-Star Tours will close October 2010 and Star Tours II will open late summer/early fall 2011

-Star Tours II will be presented in Disney Digital 3-D (A change also being made at Muppetvision 3-D at both DHS and DCA in 2010, this was announced at the Expo as well)

-While we are not sure how it will work, pod racing (as seen in Episode I) will not be the only outcome of the attraction. It was revealed that there will be multiple films/destinations for Star Tours travelers

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