WDWNT Live! Tonight at 9PM Eastern

Join us once again for a live interactive program from the WDWNT Network on Friday, October 30, 2009. On this live show, we will be presenting some very special segments and interacting with you in the live chat. Be sure to join us from 9-11 PM EST , October 30, 2009, for another special edition of WDWNT Live!

Here is tonight’s schedule:
9:00-8:05: Introduction
9:05-9:30: Live Interactive Chat
9:30-9:45: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of MouseGear at Epcot
9:45-10:15: Live Interactive chat
10:15-10:30: 3 HUGE Announcements about the future of WDWNT Network
10:30-10:55: Live Interactive Chat
10:55-11:00: Finale

Be sure to join us for the show by going to WDWNTunes before the scheduled starting time. We will also be participating in a pre-show chat beginning at 8:10 PM EST.