Chuck Canzoneri and the Frog – 11/10/09 Photo Report

Chuck Canzoneri returns with his first photo report since August, and it’s his birthday report! Let’s dive in:

Chuck celebrated his birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. While it’s not the subject of the picture, notice the construction walls up at the entrance to Carnation Plaza Gardens (the area remains open)

Geppetto is a relatively rare character to see out doing meet ‘n greets now-a-days

Chuck checked out the new “Princess and the Frog” meet ‘n greet at the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen were there right at opening doing a meet ‘n greet

Chuck and his wife with the lovely couple

Decorations in Le Bayou Magique, the new “Princess and the Frog” store next to the meet ‘n greet

A couple of special “Princess and the Frog” themed treats are available at the Royal Street Veranda

But Chuck was there to see Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee

The Mark Twain Riverboat before the show

The crowds were heaviest here. In fact the rest of the park had very low wait times, but it was busy in New Orleans Square all day. A good sign for the upcoming film

And here comes the Jubilee, marching down the street to “Down in New Orleans”

All Aboard!

“Going down the Bayou, taking you all the way”

It’s Princess Tiana and she’s “Almost There”

Louis keeps the party hopping with “When We’re Human”

But wait, evil lurks on board

It’s Dr. Facilier, and he’s got “Friends on the Other Side”

Dr. Facilier leaves and Tiana decides we should “Dig a Little Deeper”

The show reaches its finale…

Which can only mean one thing at Disneyland… Confetti Time!

After the Mark Twain circles around the Rivers of America and guests get their time with the characters, the party continues as everyone makes their exit

The main party continues back down New Orleans Square, but Louis takes a different route

Dr. Facilier sneaks off the boat as well

Look at his unusually long fingers

You can get real close to this Disney villain, but he doesn’t stop for pictures or autographs

He sneaks off with Louis, disappearing near the River Belle Terrace

It was after seeing the show once that Chuck and his wife decided to be in the show

If you want join Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee, find these people. They walk around New Orleans Square handing out tickets

And here is the ticket

Only 20 people were selected. The guests got divided into 2 groups of 10

Louis boarding just before Chuck

They were handed bandannas to wave during the show

The view from the Mark Twain of the Jubilee approaching

There they are, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

This is how close Chuck was to the front of the boat

For the first big number, “Gonna Take You There”, the guest performers waved their bandannas around

Chuck’s crowd awaits!

Then they dressed the guests up in zip-up choir robes and handed out tambourines for the finale, “Dig A Little Deeper”

We recommend seeing the show before volunteering to be a part of it, as this was Chuck’s view

Although this is a cool shot of Louis

After the show, Chuck and his wife got a very exclusive meet and greet with Tiana and Naveen (lots of time)

It’s the only place you can meet Louis

This alligator blows a mean trumpet!

Can you tell who Chuck’s favorite character from the show is? ;)

Louis and Tiana’s autographs

A close-up of the band’s drum kit

At they end, everyone got special gift for taking part

Absent from the meet and greet was Dr. Facilier, who snuck off the ship after the Jubilee left

For more on Chuck’s adventures on Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee, listen in to episode 89 of the Disneyland News Today Podcast, scheduled to be released this Monday.