Chuck Canzoneri and the Frog Part 2 – Report From D23 “Princess and the Frog” Event

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Our own Chuck Canzoneri was lucky enough to attend the D23 Night at “The Princess and the Frog” last night at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, and he reports back to us with this photo report:

They event set up special themed signage for the event. With that, you know it’s going to be good…

The path from the parking lot to the Welcome Center and the theater was marked with Prince Naveen’s tracks

The Welcome Center was a Soundstage, where Chuck checked in and picked up his free concessions

The stage was lined with Disney props

Most of them were from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, like this cannon…

Or this large model of Jack Sparrow’s hair beads, used in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

The masthead from the Dauntless

This is from “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”

Time to go into the theatre which means we had to Chuck had to check in his camera

After the movie, everyone headed to another stage for the “Ultimate Disney Experience”

The bulk of the room was given to meet and greets with every official Disney Princess

Princesses everywhere you look

Seeing Ariel as a mermaid was something special, as she currently only appears in her human form at Disneyland

A meet ‘n greet with Ariel as a mermaid will likely be part of the upcoming Little Mermaid attraction at Disney’s California Adventure

Tiana took center stage

But the biggest line wasn’t to meet a princess…

In fact everybody was lined up for a different kind of meet and greet

It was John Musker, the film’s co-director. Chuck said he was wonderful and was in no rush to keep the line moving. Chuck was able to sit down and talk with him for about 10 minutes

He modeled his special “Princess and the Frog” Hawaiian shirt, which was designed by who else but John Lasseter

The other side of the stage had some themed games. They cost nothing to play, but no prizes were given out

VooDoo Vault was a basic velcro darts game

In Leap Frog you try to catapult beanie frogs onto raised lily pads

There was also a kids playground called Bayou Adventure

On this side they also sold cupcakes. Sadly, these were not free

Back on the animation side, they had a special Animation Academy where they would teach you to draw the frog versions of Tiana and Naveen

Special artwork from the production hung around this area

Chuck thinks this is one of the most beautiful shots in the film

Scattered around were some other Disney artifacts

This is the dress worn by the reference model for the film. That model can currently be seen in New Orleans Square, leading Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee

Finally we have what else but a gift shop ;)

This signed music sheet from the film hung behind the register

A Dr. Facilier shirt

The cast members working the event wore this “Princess and the Frog” sweater

It seems like it was another wonderful D23 evening

A special “Princess and the Frog” popcorn bucket

As is customary for D23 events, everyone received a free goody bag

Unfortunately this wasn’t the whole soundtrack, but was only three songs

Inside were the lyrics and some images from the film

The deck of cards matched those of the villain in the film. You ask a question, choose a card and there are yes, no and maybe answers on the other side

Chuck actually got a special treat inside his popcorn bucket, a series of character cards. This was completely random apparently

Unlike the goody bag, these were playing card sized and contained detailed character information on the back

Everyone also received a special Lithograph at the event

It’s from the film’s romantic number

Chuck got his Lithograph signed by John Musker

Thanks for the report Chuck, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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