Luke Manning’s 11/21/09 Disneyland Park Photo Report

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I have returned from an, as always, amazing trip to the Disneyland Resort, and I have plenty of photos to share with everyone, so let’s get straight to it:

The holidays hit you as soon as you step inside Disneyland Park

The Believe in Holiday Magic poster is up under the train tracks

Beautiful holiday decorations up and down Main Street USA

The spectacular 60ft tall Main Street Christmas tree

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle is the heart of the holidays at Disneyland

Storybook Land (as well as the Casey Jr. Circus Train) has re-opened from a lengthy refurbishment

The refurbishment did some great freshening up to the ride

Ariel’s cold weather outfit

Belle’s cold weather coat

Aurora’s cold weather coat is a little weird

Troubadour Tavern has opened replacing The Enchanted Cottage at the Princess Fantasy Faire

Here’s a look at the menu

Seating for the restaurant

Some of the awesome holiday wreaths along Small World Mall

We’ll return to look at It’s a Small World Holiday a little later in the photo report

Casey Jr. Circus Train open and operating for guests

New automatic doors (the second set in) at the Village Haus

Some more holiday decorations have been put up in New Orleans Square since Holidays at the Disneyland Resort started last week

This photo-op on the streets of New Orleans Square is still up. Never quite got why Maleficant is with Jack and Sally…

“The Princess and the Frog” meet ‘n greet

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

The Mark Twain Riverboat getting ready for Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee

Performers in Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee recruiting guests to perform in the show

The performers and guests heading towards the Mark Twain

Let’s play spot Dr. Facilier!?

Now for some shots of Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee!

Now everyone aboard and let’s go rolling down the bayou!

The Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes still go by when the show is going on

The Sailing Ship Columbia ready to depart with guests right after Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee goes rolling down the bayou

Santa’s Reindeer Round-up is just up the trail from Big Thunder Mountain

Okay, who really knows who Alameda Slim is anymore?

Let’s take a look around Santa’s Reindeer Round-up

The line to meet Santa Clause

Hi Mrs. Clause!

I wouldn’t think you’d want to battle with those horns…

Pluto having fun with some kids

Now let’s take a look at some of the new holiday decorations next door at Big Thunder Barbecue (not everything is new)

This cart is outside the Ranch on Big Thunder Trail

They even decorate the Main Street Vehicles for the season

The outdoor vending carts are decorated too

Cookie decorating has moved to the Plaza Pavilion

More Christmas on Main Street

Some close-ups on the Christmas tree

The Dapper Dans getting on-board the Horse Drawn Streetcar to perform

The Opera House marque has been taken down

I don’t believe there ever used to be a pathway between the Opera House and the Mad Hatter store

Two new displays right at the Opera House entrance

A new display has been uncovered in the back of the Opera House, looking at the Disneyland of yesterday, today, and tomorrow

The first third looks at some of the most memorable extinct attractions

The middle section takes a look at some recent additions at the park, like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-through

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

And the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

The final section is the most exciting, taking a look at Star Tours II!

The concept art we’ve all seen of Star Tours II

A Disney Imagineer working on designs for a new version of Rex

Finally, a model of the new design for your Starspeeder

For some reason they added little 30 second gaps through-out The 50 Magical Years film. The gaps are placed really awkwardly

Just about a month until Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln opens!

Now let’s make our way back up Main Street so we can head towards It’s a Small World Holiday

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle

This is the only tower that isn’t covered in snow

Now finally over to It’s a Small World Holiday!

Even the control booths get decorated

Now is this a reindeer or a moose? :)

Let the ride begin!

The Disney characters are new to the holiday overlay this year

I love the Elvis statue in front of Lilo and Stitch. A great touch

The holiday decorations in the America room are also new this year

The snowflakes in the Goodbye room are new

Now for a ride on the recently refurbished Storybook Land Canal Boats

Everything is freshly painted and looks great

Some of the miniature houses are decked out with Christmas trees and other decorations

See if you can guess which film each miniature set is from…

Now for some shots from Disneyland’s holiday parade, A Christmas Fantasy

The Winnie the Pooh characters on sleds are new this year

Winnie the Pooh seems to be sad about or afraid of something

I love the “D” on this snowman’s hat


Lucky Eeyore gets to pull his broken sled!


She said: “He’s my cookie!”

The Ugly Stepsisters are a great deal of fun

It’s good to have the Princesses back in a Disneyland Park parade

One of my favorite Christmas stories

Geppetto is in charge of building

Jiminy Cricket is in charge of painting

And Pinocchio is in charge of wrapping

Can you spot the Disney plush?

“Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!”

Aladdin was nowhere to be found at Aladdin’s Oasis. Only Jasmine was doing meet ‘n greets

D23’s winter issue is now being sold through-out the Resort

Vinylmation Park Series #3 is now available at the Disneyland Resort

Disneyana didn’t have that many left when I checked

Also available are two special holiday designs. You can find out more about these special Vinylmation, as well as anything else about Disney’s newest collectible at our new website, The Vinylmation Station

The Emporium however had loads of Park Series #3 boxes still available

The beauty that is Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle at night

The Christmas tree is quite beautiful too

I hope you all enjoyed this photo report!

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