Tom Corless’ 11/7/09 World of Disney New York Report

As we countdown to the closure of the World of Disney New York store on 5th Avenue in New York City, I have been trying to get in as many visits as possible. On Saturday, I made a trip to the store to take part in the final Disney pin trading morning. Here are some photos I managed to take amid the insane crowds:

A Christmas Carol has filled the windows of the store

This sight will be gone soon :(

Halloween window displays were still up

The following Vinylmation pictures can also be seen on The Vinylmation Station website

Even though the Holiday Vinylmation is displayed, they are sold out

Urban Series #2 still available…

As is Clear Series #1 and Park Series #2

The first 3 series of Vinylmation Park pins were available as well

Some NYC christmas merchandise is available for the last time

Plenty of holiday plush

More holiday merchandise

This was a placemat, I’m hoping for more merchandise with this artwork

Some more elegant decorations

As I stated earlier, I was visiting the store for the final Disney Pin Trading Morning, and many other guests did the same. This line for a pin board was much longer than this picture shows.

The crowded pin trading area

When raffles were drawn, a huge crowd gathered

A special board was made for the event, it is supposed to be going to the next Trading Night at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Most wrote a special message, I wrote my name….

Everyone who attended the event received a very special gift

We received the “Celebrate Everyday” Mickey & Minnie pin that was released in January, but with a special gold finish!!!