Stephen Thomas’ 12/22/09 DLR Photo Report

It took us a while to get it up (our apologies), but here is a photo report from DLNT Reporter Stephen Thomas taken on December 22nd:

The holiday season at Disneyland is in full swing

The crowds are in full swing as well

Hand-stamps required because of crowd levels

Line for Haunted Mansion Holiday

Actually, it was 3 days before Christmas when this was taken ;)

The extended queue for Star Tours in use

80 minute wait for Space Mountain

A look at the lengthy waits

Moving over to California Adventure, work continues on World of Color and the viewing area

Lamps and walls are now in place through-out the viewing area, which should be complete soon

Projection domes being checked out

Sound and lighting system being worked on

Tree in Paradise Park

This area has made major improvements in the last 12 months

A better look at the nearly completed viewing area

Not so cool….

Very cool…