Captain Lastrapes’ 2/23/10 Captain EO Tribute Report & Review

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DLNT Reporter Chris Lastrapes headed to Disneyland earlier today to see the return of a former attraction in the “Captain EO Tribute” and took a few photos of the attraction’s debut to share:

The exterior of the theater has been slightly updated

The original poster returns, slightly modified to say “tribute”

New attraction sign

A decent-sized crowd showed up in the afternoon

Illuminated posters in the waiting area

Still sponsored by Kodak

Clips from the original pre-show are shown on the monitors, without narration

The Captain EO logo graces the screen as you enter

A few pieces of merchandise available in the Star Trader

TomorrowLanding also has the merchandise

Chris Lastrapes also wrote a short review of his experience:

Captain EO’s return to Tomorrowland is a glimmer of the original attraction, but holds up to the test of time. Before the film begins, the cast member up front gives a brief spiel on the history of the attraction and its return to Disneyland. The film print itself looks fantastic with the music and sound effects resounding well throughout the Magic Eye Theatre. For anyone who remembers the original run, some of the special effects — like the lasers blasts and smoke — will seem lacking. However, the excitement of the film is not lost without these elements. Guests will experience a few wind gusts and the movement of the audience seats used in Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. Clocking in a nearly 17-minute, the film seems shorter, indicating how engaging it is by itself.

The film itself seems dated, especially compared to recent 3-D attractions. Some of the special effects used — like the claymation, — are almost laughable. Still, it shines through with its unique story and strong influence by George Lucas that draws many parallels to Star Wars. But it is the film’s star that stands out beyond anything else. It is amazing to see Michael Jackson doing what he does best, singing and dancing in the style from an era that was the height of this success. The songs “We Are Here to Change the World” and “Another Part of Me” are vintage Jackson and sound like they belong on Thriller or Off the Wall. And guests in the audience were laughing at the sight of many of the 80’s hairstyles.

I think Captain EO will appeal more to the older crowd who draw on fond memories of this attraction and a Disneyland (or Walt Disney World) of the 80’s amd 90’s. While it may be enjoyable to younger guests, I don’t see many of them clamoring to see it. I saw some kids who thought they were about to see Nemo. But I think this nostalgic feel like the one Main Street USA evokes will keep Captain EO around Tomorrowland longer than many might have anticipated.

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