New Concept Art of the Fantasyland Forest Expansion

While the presentation about the Fantasyland Expansion during the D23 First Anniversary party did not allow photography of any kind, there were ten pieces of artwork on display at Ariel’s Grotto during the party, some new, some you may have seen before:

The overall view, nothing new here

Old concept art of Dumbo’s Circus area and the “Dueling Dumbos”

The exterior of “Dreams Come True with Cinderella”

Old concept art of “Under The Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid”. A new version of this artwork was shown during the presentation, however, photography was not allowed. The ride will use omnimover vehicles very much like those found at the Seas with Nemo and Friends

Old concept art of “A Birthday Surprise for Sleeping Beauty”

Old concept art of “Dreams Come True with Cinderella”

Old concept art of Gaston’s Tavern

New concept art of the cottage that will hold the magic mirror transporting guests into “Enchanted Tales with Belle”

Older concept art of “Be Our Guest” Restaurant, but take note of the “living character” Lumiere being wheeled around, along with the stained glass windows featuring Beauty and the Beast characters towards the back of the room

New concept art showing the entrance to the Beast’s Castle and the “Be Our Guest” Restaurant