Brandon Struve’s 5/9/10 Hollywood Studios Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Brandon Struve took a special trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Mother’s Day to see the debut of Lotso from Toy Story 3 in Block Party Bash and in his own meet and greet experience, so let’s look at “Lots-O'” photos from today:

Here comes the Block Party

The old Toy Story gang

I see him!!!

It’s the “Lots-O’-Huggins” bear!

Let’s call him Lotso for short

He even has a tush tag!!!

Let’s check out Lotso’s meet and greet inside the Magic of Disney Animation

He’s a hugger….

The backdrop features a green army man that raises and lowers, as well as a few hidden items

I’m not sure what that is….

The queue is modeled after Sunnyside Daycare from the film

There’s even a window to create the illusion of being inside the Daycare

Here he comes!!!

Hard to believe this is the villain

Muppetvision 3-D still closed for refurbishment

Unfortunately, this is open…


A strawberry scented Lotso available for just $16.50

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