Robert Ashburn’s 5/23/10 Hollywood Studios Photo Report

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Our friend Robert Ashburn of FloridaThrills.Net visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunday and has some newsworthy photos to share with us:

Remember this guy? Neither do we…. ;)

A literal sea of people for Star Wars Weekends

I don’t think people need extra motivation to go to Midway Mania

Can’t tell if the park is crowded or people know there’s new stuff to see

Starspeeder 3000’s still available for you to take home

Work continues on the New York Street facade

Celebrate Autograph Fastpass!

Autograph sessions are held by Echo Lake

Daniel Logan who played Boba Fett in Episode II

Temeura Morrison who played Jango Fett in Episode II

Time for the Star wars Weekends motorcade

Time for a photo!!!

Nice hat!

Had to put this in….

Time for the Stars of the Saga talk show

Oh look, Han Solo is here!

Changes at Toy Story Midway Mania for Toy Story 3, we’ll have a video to show you very soon

In the meantime, they’ve added a feature that was supposed to be in the original version, additional scoring information

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