Robert Ashburn’s 5/4/10 WDW Photo Report

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Our friend Robert Ashburn of visited the Walt Disney World Resort yesterday and has some newsworthy photos to share with us from his trip:

McDonald’s at Downtown Disney is being packed up

Walls surround the restaurant

Some “golden arches” still remain

Other props have been ripped out

That’s one large soft drink that won’t be enjoyed :(

Let’s stop by D Street on the West Side

Yes, they sell those here

A lot of special event Vinylmation still available. What’s in those boxes? Find out at!!! (shameless plug)

TRON merchandise

What the….

Iron Man merchandise available at D Street

TRON t-shirt

Welcome to Hollywood

Block Party!!!

“Raise Your Hand!”


Notice the new logos on top of the block floats

Bo Peep is leaving the parade May 9th so Lotso from Toy Story 3 can move in

Can we just close it for refurbishment now?

No one would notice…

The New York Street facade is under refurbishment

I see you….

Billboards on Commissary Lane

40 minute line at Toy Story Mania! It will get worse this summer….

Toy Story 3 is moving in

The characters from “UP” have moved UP and out. Lotso from Toy Story 3 arrives may 9th

The horror, the horror!!!

Moving over to Epcot, a small area is walled near the turnstiles

Rumors indicate that Leave a Legacy may finally be leaving

Restrooms under refurbishment

This test with a wooden board may hint at the future of the plaques

Let’s end the day with some Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

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