Josh Siegel’s 6/30/10 WDW Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Josh Siegel traveled to Epcot to catch a preview of Captain EO yesterday and he has a few photos from his trip to share:


The restrooms in the front of the park are back from refurbishment

A new sign features some design elements we usually don’t see at Epcot, may be seeing signs like this all over the park soon

Cast members working at Captain EO actually got new costumes opposed to Disneyland where they have just new patches

Still has “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” listed

Work on something outside the theater isn’t finished

A temporary sign featuring the old poster

We showed you this already…

The orginal sign from 1986 is back, there’s no tribute here folks

They really put quite a bit of effort into this

Merchandise cart outside the pavilion

Going from saving the world to walking around it, work continues on Hacienda/Cantina de San Angel at the Mexico pavilion


Work continues on Via Napoli at the Italy pavilion

Still looks pretty bare…

Moving over to the Magic Kingdom…

Things are getting patriotic

Work continues on Exposition Hall

Tarps on the top of the building now

A temporary wheelchair accessible ramp added since the usual ramp is behind tarps

Still behind tarps?

This seems to be taking a while, but the results thus far have been worth it

More of the new railings have been installed at the Tomorowland Terrace

Liberty Tree Tavern begins to emerge from the tarps looking great

Some walls still up

No! It can’t be! Peter Pan’s Flight is out from behind tarps with a new color scheme

It’s really bright and colorful

Some of the facade is still behind tarps though

An incredible view of construction for the Fantasyland Forest, where nothing lies in view straight to Toontown Fair

Some concrete walls are the first pieces of vertical construction

It looks like miles of nothing lie behind that wall from this angle…

Scaffolding now going up around Pooh’s Playful Spot’s tree that moved “across the street”

How much longer?

Probably not much….

Walls are closing in….

Thanks for the report Josh!