Michael Wada’s 8/22/10 DLR Photo Report

DLNT Photographer Michael Wada was at Disneyland yesterday and has a plethora of newsworthy photos to share with us. Lets get right to the photos.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Starting off at the Stroller Shop…

Self-Checkout Kiosks have been added

Very neat system

Quick look at Star Tours

Moving on to DCA, Little Mermaid continues to take shape

Very nice wide angle done by Micheal.

With Farmers Market closing soon, DCA may have no corn dogs

WOC getting ready for the night

Ornament Valley’s outer edge has been molded

New snazzy orange and blue Screamin’ uniforms

Now for a look around the new Bugs Land entrance

Gates to the trolley barn

Burger Invasion awaits it’s destruction

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