Star Wars Celebration V – Day 2 Coverage (8/13/10)

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WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth continues his coverage with day 2 of Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, including an in-depth look at some upcoming Disney merchandise:

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Did you get your Donald Duck Shadow Trooper?

We’ll have pictures and video of all the “Last Tour to Endor” festivities coming up….


Yes, the Nautilus replica is that big… which is why It’s still in a box in my basement…

The Jedi Training Academy is here, direct from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Adam attended the Disney PArks Collector Panel concerning Disney/Lucas merchandise


Still love this ad

Half of that AT-AT has been blown away!!! ;)

R2-MK began as a toy concept, before he became real

Some coloring ideas for the character

The final product

R2-MK actually showed up!

He’s getting his own t-shirt soon

Have you picked this up yet?

Celebration V exclusive merchandise

The much discusses Starspeeder 1000 toy

“Last Tour to Endor” merchandise

What’s coming up?

4 series so far

New series places Disney characters into The Clone Wars cartoon series

Stitch as General Grevious is sure to be popular

Hewey, Dewey, and Louie as Jawas

Clone commander Donald

This Muppet set will soon be history

Here’s a look at the new figures on the way

The Star Wars Disney Racers have been popular

Star Wars Vinylmation is coming this fall


Figure set

Great Temple of Doom figure on the way

Mickey and Goofy star in Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!

A cool bank

Recognize anything?

Star Tours!

A new bank

We’ve been seeing this a lot

How about a die cast 6-pack featuring new vehicles including rival flight companies from Star Tours II

A look at a large scale Starspeeder 1000 play set

Disney Star Wars posters were given out at the panel

Hello R2-MK

Disney merchandise display

Very cool!

A little too much for us to cover here…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Here’s a look at the guide for “Last Tour to Endor”

These cards were given out to promote the upcoming Star Wars Vinylmation Series

For continuing coverage of these Vinylmation, follow The Vinylmation Station

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